Dishoom Review and Rating: (2.5/ 5 Stars) Flawed at plot but scores on style, performances!

Dishoom 5th Day Collection 5 Days Dishoom 1st Tuesday Box Office
Dishoom 5th Day Collection 5 Days Dishoom 1st Tuesday Box Office

Dishoom Review and Rating: There are many actors in bollywood with perfect height and body combination. John Abraham is one of those actors, who was always known for his ‘macho’ body. From half underwear shot in ‘Dostana’ to being the coolest man of the town in ‘Desi Boyz’, John character had remained very much indifferent.

Dishoom Review and Rating

Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan starts of their career in 2012 with blockbuster ‘Student of The Year’. Both the actors shares almost same fame on the industry. Both are diamond sapphire for the directors. But remains first choice of the casting team from last few years. With only plenty of work experience, the actor has done more than 7 films till now.

The combination was killer, on the one side we have a person who came with experience and skills and known as macho man of bollywood. While on the other side, Varun Dhawan who is also popular for his six-pack abs in Main Tera Hero. The coordination between the two male actors is just marvelous.

Dishoom Review and Rating

Sri Lankan actress, Jacqueline Fernandez who kicked off her career from an average budget movie named ‘Aladdin’ in 2008 has done many 100 crore films till now. Her choice of films always remains a question of the hour for her fans. She looks a perfect match for John but for Varun, the things seen going fizzy.

John is playing role of a bad-tempered and unfriendly police officer named Kabir in film Dishoom. He has everything which a bad person is the society is needed to be. Kabir can kill anyone who annoys him, or he can also kill or bully without any good reason.

Dishoom Review and Rating

His uncivil and unethical behaviour unveils in the opening scene of the film. He comes in ragged clothes kicking a poor man with his right leg harshly. The scene narrates the story about his behaviour. Cigarette seems to be the only thing on which ‘villains of bollywood’ could survive. As like as any other gangster film, he just blows up cigarette on people’s faces and smoke it near an aircraft too.

So… Varun can’t tolerate this thing. He can be clearly seen speaking a dialogue in opening trailer of the film. Actually this is all what he has in his mind after giving ‘blockbuster’ like dilwale.

Tu Munna Bhai hoga lekin main Circuit nahi hoon … tu Batman hoga lekin main Birdman nahi hoon … tu hero hoga lekin ab main bhi hero hoon


Not wasting much of your time, coming back to the story. The story of Dishoom movie is about two police officers who had given a task of solving an high profile kidnapping case. Famous Indian cricketer Viraj Sharma (Saqib Saleem) is the key of India’s success. He has been abducted before an important India-Pakistan match by a scheming bookie (Akshaye Khanna) to control the results of the match. Since, the grace of country’s will come into the question, pressure on our heros increases.

But wait who is the hero here ? John and Varun or Saqib Saleem

Its very much clear that criminal wants to kidnap the batsman so that he could lead his match-fixing dreams come true. Unbelievable investigation is being carried out by the stars of the film to catch the culprit. They gone all the way to Middle eastern cities, forbidden places where the life is not so easy.

The first half is really amusing and can keep you connect with the story. The songs are catchy and so that the looks of both stars. Hollywood lovers might find it bit old fashioned.

Finding hard turned action in the second half is very easy. From the valleys of foreign land to the safest cities around the world, John and Varun gets to know each other closely. Despite arguments in many scenes, the movie goes up with never ending love and emotions. They might not had made good love with the girl but bromance is really adorable.

The helicopter scene at the last is one of the best performed till date. The last such scene was seen in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Singh is King’. This type of  menacing scenes keeps the interest of viewer.


Jacqueline Fernandez is a thief in the film. Named as Ishika, she pickpockets for her living and got amazing skills. The girl had got the guts as she helps both the men to get inside the dangerous city of Middle east.

Dishoom Review and Rating: A nice film to enjoy the weekend. No plot at all. Flawed at plot but scores on style, performances!

Rating: 5/10 stars

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