Padmavati (Padmavat) Review and Movie Rating

Padmavat Review and Rating - Padmavati Review
Padmavat Review and Rating - Padmavati Review

Padmavat Movie Review: Probably the most awaited film of last decade, Padmavati is finally in theaters with a slight change in the name ‘Padmaavat‘ or ‘Padmavat‘. The movie is making its way to the cinema halls on Wednesday after getting approval from the apex court of India for the mass release. The court had directed the movie to be released in each and every theatre of India despite protest by self-proclaimed group ‘Karni Sena’ who threatened to kill director and actor for showing Rajputana Kingdom in bad light.

Despite the controversies, film got the largest release in India than any other film in last decade. Ticket prices has been surged for the 5-day long weekend in most of theatres and its quite impossible to spot a theatre screening for less than 200 rs in entire Nation’s Capital during this weekend. So ‘Padmavat’ and the ongoing controversies are going to benefit big for the movie producers. Although film might get ban in 3 states because of adverse response and violence by protesting groups.

Releasing on Republic Day of India with adverse conditions, ‘Padmavat‘ got some really big attention from the audience. Let’s find out in the review of ‘Padmavat’ film whether the movie deserved all the controversy or not.

The movie got mixed audience response for the first half as majority of the audience seems quite impressed by efforts of Deepika Padukone and other stars in the film. While a part of audience can be seen losing their cool because of unnecessary expanded storyline.  The changes made in the story could be analysed very easily.

It could be easily identified that Bhansali keeps on enforcing the greatness of menly ego in a ‘particular kingdom’ over the rationale. This could be a necessity for the story but if something is bad there shouldn’t be ‘desperate’ efforts to show it in a better light.

Coming to the odd actors of film, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, they played the roles perfectly showing an ignorant but egoistic duo who keeps on doing stupid things. Dialogues are somewhat average and couldn’t impress an average viewer.

‘Padmavat’ second half was comparatively much impressive. It runs you through the pool of emotions between wrong and the right. Much needed sad ending of the film helps to keep the emotional drama in film entact. Overall the storyline is great but the timeplay is something which could be compromised with but the director didn’t went for it.

After all the negatives about direction, it would be a crime on the much needed positive which is livingness in the movie, one can actually live the moments in film. The storyline of ‘Padmavat‘ is simply catchy and straight but the direction makes every cut looks more spectacular and keeps the audience engaged.

Overall ‘Padmavat’ is quite average weekend watch. The movie definitely didn’t deserve the unusual attention from National Media. Film have shown the very kingdom in a positive attitude. We couldn’t find anything really controversial in ‘Padmavat’.

Positives: Cinematography, Acting, Spectecular, Dialogues

Negatives: Too Long then expected, Excessive bragging, Lossy Direction

Overall ‘Padmavat’ Rating: 3/5

Overall in one line for ‘Padmavat’ review, you can definitely go for it as a weekend watch. Although don’t expect much from the film just because it got some unusual attention from National Media.

In picture: Movie’s lead actress Deepika Padukone

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