MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4 13th August 2017 Task and Elimination Round: Aakash Came Out As Top

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4, mtv splitsvilla 10 13th August 2017
MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4, mtv splitsvilla 10 13th August 2017

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4 13th August 2017: It is Splitsvilla season 10 aka Splitsvilla X. It’s an Indian reality tv show based on the American version Flavor of Love. It airs on MTV India at 7 pm IST every Sunday.

Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh are hosting it once again. This time too, many contestants have come under a roof to find their love partners. And the theme is ‘Girls Being Bunny and Boys Being Hunter. Let’s see who will be the winner of this one of the most loved shows in India.

MTV Splitsvilla X Episode 13th August 2017

In the Splitsvilla 4 4th episode Divya started feeling insecure as Priyank decided to go Oracle, not with her. Akash remains the showstopper in the dates season scoring over Hritu much better than Sidharth. Nibedita and Priyank got themselves in a little tussle, while the episode continues, Nivedita’s interest in Priyank could be clearly seen. As the fate has decided, Priyank refused intention to date her.

Sunny and Ranvijay made a warming entry in the tussle. While the duo interviews contestants about their dates, Nibedita continues to first behave hyper. Priyank justifies his intention for not dating her for being loyal to Divya which eventually lands him in the unsafe zone. Hritu goes flat on Akash and chose to remain with him.

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4 Voting round

  • Isha votes against Anmol and Hritu
  • Akshata votes against Hritu and Akash
  • Priyank also voted against Aakash and Hritu
  • Sidharth voted against Anmol and Hritu
  • Aakash voted against Sidharth.
  • Nibedita voted against Mohit

Based on the votes, Anmol and Hritu got penalized and have to stop their journey from now. This lead to a pool of mixed emotions in  MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4. Ranvijay announced the fate of contestants.

Sunny arrived as the host and declared that Anmol and Hritu will eventually get the chance to decide contestants in Oracle. She instructed them to identify the ideal match for this. Mohit and Nidhi continue to observe whether the duo is an ideal match to each other.

Mohit and Nibedita are finally decided to go in the Oracle. At the final round, Oracle buzzed and came that they are not an ideal match. A turnaround situation for both of them. After getting ditched from destiny, Nibedita got sad where Ranvijay consoles her not to lose hope.

The intra group fight continues as the contestants move the house from the battlefield. Priyank and Sidharth were the most furious among all other contestants in the house. Ranvijay tried to cool other down.

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4 task

The task was simple. The name is “Khyali Pulao” girls need to draw their fantasies on a slate and guys need to identify the fantasies of each girl in the house.

Hritu continues her own praises by saying she was an excellent painter and awarded by former President for this as well. While everyone prepares their fantasies now the time has arrived for boys to identify them. Only 4 boys will get selected for this task. Eventually, they started complaining about complexities in paintings.

Revelation begins with Khushi’s cute fantasy. Akshata’s fantasy was correctly guessed by none other than Sidharth. Rapper Mandy was not able to score anything good in this task. Mohit and Priyank finally made Nibedita’s day by guessing her right. Divya got jealous of this.

Aakash had the highest point among all at the end of MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4.

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