MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 11: Today, Who Is The New Queen, Gets Dump; Time for Hips to Lips task

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 11: Today, it was the 11th episode of the popular TV show Splitsvilla season 8 which airs on MTV network. Today’s episode was based on the competition to become the new queen of the villa. The contendors were ready with their songs and performances. Earlier, Subuhi’s ankle got injured in an incident.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 11

Today’s show started with the entry of the hosts – Sunny Leone and Karan Kundra in the pub. Everybody was shouting for them. After a few moments, they started hosting the show and task started. Subuhi came forward as the first competitor for the title. She was looking gorgeous and sizzling and people loved her performance very much besides having ankle injury.

Then, came Vanessa D’Souza as the second contender. She presented belly moves and got mixed reviews of her performances as some people enjoyed while some just didn’t. The last performer of the day was Mia Lakra. She is known to be a good dancer but at the high time, her talent was gone. People at pub made fun of her.

After all the three performances, Sunny Leone presented some dance moves on the request of the audiences. Then, the time came for voting for the best performance of the day. Sunny revealed the result starting from the performer who got least number of votes. It was Vanessa who got 30 votes.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 11

Mia came second and Subuhi was chosen as the winner of the Queen title with 110 votes. She proved her potential and became the Queen once again. Later on, Sunny revealed that Subuhi has been conferred a special power to bring back one of the banished boys back to the villa.

Meanwhile, there were conversations between Prince and Karishma; and Paras and Prince. Paras told Prince about the things which Karishma told him regarding the ruthless king while being on date.

The new queen used her brain and brought back Prince inside the villa which was not liked by the former king Paras. This shows that the game would get more interesting. Leave everything else on time, it will let everybody know that who plays for the love and who plays for the game.

After some time, buzzer was heard and the contendors gathered at the deck to see the hosts. Only Karan was there and Sunny Leone made a surprise entry with coconuts and asked boys to give it to the girl to whom they want to be partner for the next week. It seems that there would be more twists and turns and challenges coming in the coming week. Next episode will tell who will be eliminated.

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