Barcelona’s Neymar and Gerard Pique Enjoy Poker at High Stakes European Poker Tour Tournament

The two poker loving players, Neymar and Gerard Pique of Barcelona, were again seen at the recently organized European Poker Tour competition this week only.

Recently, Neymar was roped in by PokerStars as its ambassador, the firm which run the EPT events. On the other hand, Pique is a regular player at the high-stakes poker table.

The Barcelona duo player hugged each other prior to the start of the game. Then, at their tables, they continued to have a close watch on each other’s game during the main event and high roller competitions in Barcelona.

None of them succeeded in the main event but Neymar was appreciated for his game by poker experts at PokerNews. Neymar was so fluent in the game as he was able to take the chip lead on the start of the competition and defeated the professional player Davidi Kitai with pocket aces.

EPT Barcelona is organized only one time in a year and it has become the source to attract best poker players across the globe. Some other professionals of different areas often take part in it.