Mubarakan Movie Review and Rating: Kaun hai yeh log, kaha se aate hai!

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Kaun hai yeh log, kaha se aate hai could be your possible reaction if someone asks for Mubarakan Movie Review & Rating after coming back to the home after watching it. Anil Kapoor is playing the role of a Sardar living in lavish London lifestyle. As most of the Anil Kapoor’s films, this movie also revolves around the marriage proposals. But this time the game is little different. Anil is chasing to find a suitable match for his twin nephews; Charan and Karan (Arjun Kapoor).

Mubarakan Cast: Pawan Malhotra as the father of Charan and Karan, Arjun Kapoor in a double role as Charan and Karan. Ratna Pathak sister of Pawan Malhotra and Anil Kapoor as the brother of Pawan Malhotra.

Mubarakan Movie Review & Rating

Mubarakan Movie Positives: Direction, Role Playing, Cast, and Dialogues.
Mubarakan film Negatives: Predictable, Zero suspense, No plot.

The never ending task of finding bride made him run India to London at times. When we talk about twin nephews half of the story is itself predictable. One who is fond of Bollywood films must know whenever in the Bollywood there is mention of twins living abroad the case is of falling in love with spouses. And yes something similar happened in the story of the Mubarakan film. The only good thing in the entire film is its direction and performances.

A good direction couldn’t diminish the bad impact created by a script. 

Charan father’s role is penned by Pawan Malhotra. He got insulted by almost everyone in his life and a challenge to get his son married within a month. He has received a challenge to do that from his sister.

Mubarakan Movie Review & Rating
Mubarakan Movie Review & Rating

Anil Kapoor’s character is truly a lifesaver in this entire film. He is bachelor uncle of both his nephews with whom he shares some spaces. Being witty at times, Anil is energetic and shares quite a similar mindset as of his young nephews making a better companion for them in the house.

Ratna Pathak’s role is somewhat confusing she is the sister of Anil Kapoor and Pawan Malhotra in the film. Among the other actresses, Neha’s role is quite fascinating as a Muslim lawyer in love with a Sikh boy. Neha Sharma’s role could be seen an extravagant introduction in a witty film. It was shocking but yet lovable. I felt the timing was somehow not good at all.

Anil usually loves to play the roles of ‘Desi Angrez’, an Indian guy living overseas will all his roots in the home country. A lot of films flopped in past while a fist of them was able to make it the success at the box office. Broadcasting rights were also not able to mint good money for the producers.

Coming to Arjun Kapoor’s role, it was possibly the first time he did a comedy film in double role. The distinction was markable and acting was flawless. Arjun’s never let his bulky physique come as a barrier while taking a funny role in Mubarakan movie. With appealing character in the movie, he has a great responsibility and played very well. 

Athiya Shetty and Ileana D’Cruz never mattered much in the film. Their characters in the movie are just like play cards, played to make more out of a clip.

Dialogues are just flawless. Balwinder Singh Janjua and Rupinder Chahal role revolve around two humourous Sikhs with a good sense of cracking up jokes and dialogues.

Mubarakan Movie Review

The film has been dragged a lot for no good reason. Director could have ended it up in just 90 minutes. It was literally one of the worst decision to introduce the film coming to serve two topics. Parental pressure on children and comedy couldn’t go in one go. If you’re ready to sacrifice all the logics for more than 2 hours to just laugh, then go for it.

Kaun hai yeh log, kaha se aate hai – Mubarakan Movie Review

Dear Bollywood Film Makers

Please don’t just make a movie on anything. Mubarakan could be a great work of art and comedy. Flawless acting and superb direction just ended up with bad plot and predictable script.

Have you watched the movie? What’s your Mubarakan review? Let us know in comments. And come back for the Mubarakan first day collection at the box office soon.

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