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Naagin 17th April 2016

Naagin 24th January 2016Tanvi’s wedding ring makes Rithik cry.Shivanya tries to console him and meanwhile thinks that she had to find the killer.Kabeer gave a gesture like a mongoose and laughs seeing at Shivanya and Sesha’s pic deciding which one to kill first. (see: All Episodes of Nagin.)

Ankush and family are having breakfast along with Shailesh, Ramya, and Kabeer. Ramya is consoled by Yamini meanwhile Pandit tells about last Tanvi’s rights. Hrithik says he along with Shivanya will go to immerse her ashes.Kabeer says that he too will join them. They all head for ghat.There Kabeer sees a snake charmer and makes him to play his flute for money. Kabeer then observes

Naagin 24th January 2016

There Kabeer sees a snake charmer and makes him play his flute for money. Kabeer then observes Shivanya skin changing to that of a snake. She escapes transforming into a snake followed by Kabeer in his mongoose form.Bhairavnath sees that and chanted mantras and saved Shivanya. He tells Shivanya about mongoose and warned her that he may attack in near future. She asks if mongoose is icchadhari but Bhairavnath doesn’t know about it.

Kabeer reaches home in mongoose form. Ankush and Yamini discuss Tanvi’s post-mortem report that showed how a mongoose killed her. Shivanya reaches home aside Kabeer and sees mongoose footprints. Rithik asks a servant to clean footprints but Shivanya says she will do it.She reaches her room to find Shesha waiting to inform her that mongoose killed Tanvi.Shesha also told her about attack today. Kabeer (in mongoose form) passes them and enter Viren’s wife room who panics seeing it.Mongoose runs out of the window and changes into Kabeer.

Naagin 24th January 2016

Yamini suggests Ankush that only guru maa can tell about mongoose.She calls Gurumaa to ask if she has sent any mongoose to kill naagin. Gurumaa says that if that would have been Nagin would be dead by now. They all come and start mourning for Tanvi.Ankush says that Kabeer can head back to Canada but Kabeer makes emotional drama and somehow manages his stay.


Kabeer heads for cave and eats cheese block like a mongoose. A lady enters and throws cheese blocks asking about icchadhari naagin in Raheja family. He says that she will come to know herself once he kills her. Rithik sleeps thinking about Tanvi and holding family photo. She thinks of how traumatized he was. She wiggles with her hair and he wakes up and nok jhok starts.

Naagin 24th Jan. 2016

Shivanya is doing gardening in the morning. When gardener says he will do it, she denies thinking that examining the mud can help her identify the footprints. Shesha comes there but Shivanya scolds her not to come here often as Ankush or Yamini may see her and suspect her. 

Kabeer comes and says that he knows who she is. He says she is a waitress and both have a sigh of relief. Shivanya asks them to talk to which Shesha complaints that Kabeer smells tacky. Kabeer asks Sesha to go out with her but then Hrithik comes along with his siblings who also insist on going with them and Kabeer angrily agrees.

Naagin 24th January 2016

Hrithik and Shivanya have a flirty moment with Shivanya feeling shy. Rithik falls as Shivanya Retaliates and hits his head against the table and illusions of chained man come to his mind and then he falls down. Shivanya sees this and comes to help her.

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