Naagin (Nagin) 27th March 2016 Episode – Colors TV: Shesha Gets To Know Yamini As The 5th Killer

Naagin 24th April 2016 Episode

Naagin 27th March 2016: The episode of Naagin starts as Shivanya woke up Hrithik by making the sunlight fall on his face. He woke up and get irritated for making him waking up like this. They had a small argument on whether who should show his/her right to the bed. (watch: Naagin 26th March.)

Ankush starts doing his old job of a gardener on the lawn. He also started singing Bhojpuri songs; Angad comes out, and he gave him a flower for his girlfriend. Angad remained shocked to see this avatar. Ankush lies everyone that Yamini proposed him after seeing this look, Yamini come and took him into their room to beat him.

Naagin Sunday Episode

Shesha tortured Gurumaa and asked about the Fifth murderer. Gurumaa said Rithik’s relatives and felt. Gurudev told that she meant someone from Rithik’s family only. Sangram on the cliff thought that he needs to save YUvraaj from Yamini. Someone hit him, and he fell. He is shocked to see Rithik in front and fell unconscious. When he wakes, he found himself in Panchner haveli.

Rithik came, and Sangram said that he was his son Yuvraj and his sister Yamini who killed his family and took the wealth and wanted to kill him also. Rithik asked about naagmani. Sangram said that if he told than Yamini would kill him for getting naagmani. Rithik walks out and turned to Shesha and went to Shiv Mandir. Shivanya also came. Shesha told that Yamini is the 5th murderer. Shivanya said that she loved her family. Shesha asked her to confirm.

Shivanya went to Yamini’s room in the form of Sangram and grabbed her neck and asked why she betrayed. With the help of Gurumaa ring, she came to know that she was Shivanya and started acting that Sangram is greedy and begged not to kill Rithik and said that he also killed nags for Naagmani. Rithik came, shivanya escaped.

Yanini thought that if he was dead then how he came. And thought that if he would be alive than Shivanya would kill him. She went to Ankush and asked if he checked Sangram’s body or not. He said he was dead. She said he was alive and beats him again.

Shivanya went back and said that Sangram is the 5th murderer. Gurudev said that Gurumaa was then pointing to Sangram. Shesha told that if she would kill Sangram, she would loose Rithik, and she had to kill five murderers for peace of her parents’ soul. She got in a dilemma of how to kill Rithik’s father.

Sangram came to shiv mandir and saw that Shesha is ichadhari nagin. Shesha told Gurudev that Shivanya has fallen in the love of Rithik. She married him to kill murderers but now was hesitating to kill 2more murderers. Sangram thought to save his son from icchadhari nagins Shesha and Shivanya,

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