‘Percy Jackson 3’ Release Rumors: Will It Be Still a Film Sequel or TV Series?

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date, Percy Jackson 3 Rumors, Percy Jackson 3 News, Percy Jackson 3 Updates
Percy Jackson 3 Release Date, Percy Jackson 3 Rumors, Percy Jackson 3 News, Percy Jackson 3 Updates

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date, Rumors, News & Updates: After the blockbuster hit of PercyJackson 1 and 2 at the box office in 2010 and 2013 respectively, fans are excited to watch the next part of this fantasy-adventure film series. The author Rick Riordan has answered some questions. The Titan Curse was supposed to be the third film in the franchise based on the novel which goes by the same name.

Actor Logan Lerman conveyed back in 2014 that there is the possibility of the third installment of the franchise. But after that, there has been no official update about Percy Jackson 3 movie. As he had expressed in an Interview that he is contractually obligated to three movies and he has to make the third. Only two of the five novels have been adapted into films so far.

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date, Rumors, News & Updates

But, other character related to the film named Lerman didn’t know whether this movie will happen or not. As he had conveyed that he hadn’t heard anything about film. It has been a long time since the launch of the previous part of ‘Pearcy Jackson’. Some fans are still waiting for this but some have a given up hope for the third installment.

PJ3 Rumors

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date, Percy Jackson 3 Rumors, Percy Jackson 3 News, Percy Jackson 3 Updates

In other news, it was speculated that CW is planning to get this fantasy-adventure television series instead of a movie. If we believe rumors then this is the 10-year contract deal in which CW will allot a budget of $12 million for the first season of the Percy Jackson TV series.

Well, here is a twist in the story because fans will not see the Lerman in that titular character. Because CW is looking for the younger face to play the character as the story will begin from the starting. The author of the original book, Rick Riordan also wants to write the script for the TV adaption because as per him the series will remain faithful if it will convert into a TV series.

Hence, there are more possibilities that we can see the television series of the following book. But it is not yet officially announced by CW. So, let us wait for the same. If you don’t know it is a five-book series. But, the author doesn’t know about the upcoming movies.

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date: Update 1

Riordan opened about it and said that neither film nor a TV series is happening in the near future. It is because the rights to adapt the book into film or television series were sold to 20th Century Fox, exclusively. And the company doesn’t seem to be working on either of the media.

According to the author, he tried to buy back the rights, but the FOX isn’t ready to sell it at any price. Neither the company is selling rights to the book nor working on film or tv series for now. However, Riordan gave a ray of hope to the fans and said that there will be another media via which fans can enjoy outside of the books.

According to him, ‘The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical’ had Off-Broadway performances from March 23 to May 6, 2017. Riordan said that the sole reason for conducting the musical is to make book fans happy.

Fans haven’t given up hope and some have filed a petition for DreamWorks and Disney to work on cartoon TV series.

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