Permanent Roommates Season 2 Episode 4 review

Permanent Roommates review:After two full episodes with a huge portion of negativity, TVF Permanent Roommates seems to get the track back today with the Episode 4. The Season 2 started with the Mikesh’s life with Tanya and their marriage proceedings as they are going to get married.

In the earlier episodes, we have seen extraordinary family and relatives of Mike, who can make almost every natural work more complicated. Till the last episode, the story continues where Leo comes out to be a multi-billionaire who helps Mikesh in finding the correct path.

No matter Episode 4 was one of the best including many lessons for life. From the fights between the couples and the final judgement. The show more focussed on the never-ending arguments between the couples on faithfulness.

At the end of the show, the sights turned emotional more than expected with advice from an experienced person to Mikesh. Prushottam’s acting was spectacular from the very beginning.

The time when Tanya confess is the best part of the episode. Reaction of Mikesh getting serious in episode for the first time is really worth watching.

However, No appearance of other family members was a miss. Tanya’s dad’s reaction to Mikesh’s dad approach loved by the audience in the recent episodes; TVF needs to continue the positive points.

So only six months are left for Tanya’s delivery, and it would be interesting to see whether they will get married in this season or not. Earlier, some viewers had also demanded the special appearance of Jitendra Kumar  (Jitu) and his wife.

From Angry Young Women, TVF Pitches to Permanent Roommates the team of The Viral Fever seems to be working very hard. Overall we can say that Permanent Roommates Episode 4 is a must watch.

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