Quantico Episode 101 , Full Review : Priyanka made her debut successful

Quantico is American television series which telecasts on Amazon it can be watched. Quantico series is directed by Josh Safran and Mark Gordon. The story is revealing the hard lives of  young FBI recruits who comes to the Quantico base for 21 weeks training where they had been trained by the special agents.

Quantico full review and story overview

The first episode was aired on the television yesterday, the lead roles are played by Bollywood’s Desi girl; Priyanka Chopra. Leaving all controversies behind, actress have somehow adjusted to adjust with the American Accent in Quantico. Which made her role successful. Although it’s not being easy for the whole cast to do the episode as the situations were started getting with the time lapse. In the trailer of the Quantico, the accent of Priyanka Chopra is one of the things which has been questioned repeatedly. Total of 13 episodes are going to be viewed this time.

Quantico First episode introduces with the curtain lifting and Priyanka is lying on the groung and the sirens could be listened everywhere. People are running like cats and dogs. Chopra is suddenly arrested by the FBI agents as the site was a blast site. Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) is herself an agent of FBI. The FBI have spotted Priyanka only because she seems to be only survivor who was near the blast site, FBI suspected her.

FBI hasn’t told her that she is the one whom FBI is investigating but they have told her that someone from the FBI training batch is suspected to have hands behind this attack. Then the Quantico

introduction flashback was shown in the mid-program, time goes back and it was shown that after the blast, Alex have met ex-military officer Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) on a plane and having sex with him in a car after landing of the plane. She says him that he is not of her type and left him. She met him again at FBI training base in Quantico after a couple of hours, in Washington DC. The other suspects behind the blast were Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy); Nimah Anwar (Yasmine Al Masri), the obligatory Muslim personage whom we’re supposed to mistrust; former Olympian Eric Packer (Brian J. Smith); and Tate Ellington (Simon Asher), Who becomes a gay in fascination of the middle east.

Going to the end of the Quantico Episode 101 end, Eric Parker who was an Olympian have commited a sucide or have been killed himself. It was revealed that parents of Shelby Wyatt were died in one of the hijacked plans during the 9/11 attacks in USA. It was belived that Ryan has been shot killed by Parrish, FBI have raided the house of the suspects and have found some clues in their houses. In Alex house, FBI founds an evidence of a terrorist plot. On the other scene Alex have managed a successful escape which is completely ridicilous and turns out the suspect clock more on her, She is now looking to find the actual terrorist from the group of DBI traniees so that her name would be out from the hitlist of the FBI.

How to watch Quantioco Episode 101 Online

The twists and turns which seems to be neverending in the quantico episode. The full story will be revealed in the upcoming 13 episodes of Quantico.

Quantico is going to premiere in India on 3 October on Star World. Quantico is also available from Amazon for Free for a Limited time. 

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