Quantico Season 1 Episode 19 (S1E19): Spoilers – Alex and Shelby Join Hands To Take Down The Voice In ‘Fast’

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quantico season 3 release date, quantico season 3 news, quantico season 3 updates, quantico season 3 spoilers, quantico season 3 cast

Quantico Season 1 Episode 19 Spoilers, Promo, Trailer, Air Date, Synopsis 1×19 News and Updates: On April 17, the episode 18 which aired had some shocking revelation. The most shocking was that Shelby Wyatt was working for the terrorist or The Voice. (watch: The Kapil Sharma Show 23rd April 2016.

After knowing that Shelby was involved in it, Alex Parris tried to track her but in vain. Later on, she found a drug-addled Caleb shortly. Caleb went out of control after knowing that his father died in the second explosion.

Quantico Season 1 Episode 19

At some point of time, Caleb made a suspicious call. After that, he broke off his mother’s mansion and joined team Alex with an aim to take down The Voice. We will get to see Alex and Shelby working together once again, but this time, to stop the unknown person. (check: Grimm S5E19.)

The synopsis of ABC states that in ep 19 of Quantico, the trainees will have a meeting with various FBI’s branch representative who will help them to decide their future paths. (check: Vikings S4E11.)

While back in the future, Alex is continuously working to find out the terrorist involved and responsible for all the accidents. As of now, she is looking forward to rescuing Simon and Will at the first. While investigating the case, Alex will come across some known faces. It looks like Shelby knows the what The Voice wants to do finally. (check: The Flash S2E19.)

Quantico Season 1 Episode 19 Spoilers

Recently, a sneak peek released which shows Shelby telling Alex the reason why she got involved in all this. She revealed that someone threatened to kill Caleb and thus followed orders. Moreover, she said that she didn’t know whom did she going to pick. (see: Arrow S4E19.)


Also, she revealed that she was doing her own investigation by tracing the phone calls made by FBI phones. She concluded that the phone calls were made from the New York office. (check: Legends of Tomorrow S1E13.)

Another S2E19 promo shows that Miranda ordered Ryan and Nimah to follow Chopra and find her character because she was the last person whom Natalie met alive. (check: Game of Thrones S6E1.)

The episode 19 won’t reveal who the terrorist is, but Alex will get to know the actual plan of The Voice. Joshua Safran, the executive producer of the series, told that we will get to know the real terrorist(s) before the season 1 finale. (see: Empire S2E15.)

As per the latest news, Alex is set to meet Ryan in the future. It looked like Caleb is acting to be a drug addict, but Safran made it clear that he is indeed one.

In the upcoming episode on this Sunday, it will be revealed that who the person was with whom Hass was speaking to on the phone.

Quantico episode 19 will air on April 24 at 10 pm EST on ABC. The series has already been renewed on March 3 this year for the season 2.

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