Raees 10th Day Collection 2nd Friday Box Office Total Report: SRK Movie Minted 189.91 Crores Worldwide

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Raees 10th Day Collection 10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report: Launched with a targeted audience and lot of potential, Republic day extended weekend continues to give positive results for Raees Collection. Check out how many films earned over the period of nine days in the Indian and International market. We are bringing you day wise income report of Raes Collection.

Keep yourself updated about Raees box office Collection latest news by bookmarking our website. Check out how much the talkie made during the opening of the 2nd week in the post below. Shahrukh Khan is the ideal actor for many of the newcomers. Not just his acting, but his patience and dedication is something from which whole industry needs to learn something.

Raees 10th Day Collection

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10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report

Being known as the king of Bollywood, SRK achieved great success with Raees collection. There was equally a bigger sacrifice for the same. Letting not himself down from 3 consecutive failures in the box office was the most important thing Shahrukh does to perform even better in his latest film. Touching the nerve of audience needs experience, and the actor had finally mastered it. Check out how Raees 10 days earnings finally made it a blockbuster film

Raees Collection

Wednesday: 20.42
Thursday: 26.3
Friday: 13.11
Saturday: 15.61
Sunday: 18.12
Monday: 6.2
Tuesday: 6.1

2nd Week

Wednesday: 6.35
Thursday: 5.9
Friday: 6.8

Raees Domestic Collection: 124.91 Crores
Total Overseas Collection: 75 Crores
Raees Collection: 232 cr (gross) – 189.91 (net)

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Raees 10th Day Collection 10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report
Raees 10th Day Collection 10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report

Raees 1st Day Collection on Wednesday was great because of the ongoing buzz, the film faced several challenges but released with a real hype among the masses. Clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil was a matter of concern, but it didn’t affect the overall BO earnings of the movie much. As its 1st-day gains, the film scored 20.42 crore rupees which were great considering it as a start.

The Thursday was most important for Raees and Kaabil as well. Both films performed exceptionally good on the BO resulting huge figures as earnings from around the country. Marking up 30% growth in the overall earnings on holiday, SRK’s film earned 26.30 crores which were great considering the trends. So far, SRK film didn’t grow more than 25 crores in the domestic market on the weekend, and 26 crores was an impressive figure.

Friday was the first working day and a challenge as well for Raees collection. The reduction in fares during the night shows helped it to sustain with 13.11 crore rupees collections. Even after earning a real figure of 13 crore rupees, a downfall of 50% in overall earnings observed which is not a great sign.

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Raees 10th Day Collection 10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report

The movie 4th Day Collections was expected to be better than of other days. The film did take a growth in earnings as in comparison to the Friday. On the fourth day, the film earned 15.61 crore rupees which are great.

Raes 5th day collection was a challenge. Talkie is needed to score big on the BO to end up the week minting out the production costs. The movie budget was 65 crore rupees, and the film did earn 18.12 crores on Sunday making it a profitable deal by 23 crores in the first weekend itself.

Raees 10th Day Collection 10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report
Raees 10th Day Collection 10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report

Raaes sixth day collection didn’t arrive with a well good note. The film struggles on single screens and multiplexes as well. Overseas market stays strong. According to the early reports, Raees box office collection day 6 touched the mark of 6 crore rupees.

The movie Seventh Day Collections continues to average at the box office. Single month end and weekday fall together on the 7th day, low occupancy and average BO response were observed. The film continues to survive with limited growth during the evening shows. Overall occupancy of 19% seen in the central cities. Response from Mass centers remains stronger than of Multiplexes. A significant increase has been observed in Uttar Pradesh.

Raees 10th Day Collection - Box Office Earnings and Income Report
Raees 10th Day Collection 10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report

Raees 9th day collection remains quite similar to the 8th day because of ongoing weekdays. With limited growth in multiplexes, the film struggles to touch occupancy of 20% throughout the 2nd week, so far. The 10th took small growth because of coming weekend. Buzz observed around the main cities.

Apart from the earnings in the local market, Raees collection also rocked the earnings overseas. The film continues to be the highest grosses in UAE-GCC ranking among the top charts on BoxOffice of USA. From the period of Wed to Sat, Raees overseas collection came to $ 6.7 million [₹ 45.63 cr] which is great considering the size of release.

So far the movie collections have reached the figure of 118.11 crores rupees in India and 65 crore rupees overseas, totaling the earnings to 183.11 crore rupees before the 2nd week, which is a retreat of Bollywood Badshah. Strong rumors of producers manipulating the Kabil collection’ figures are prevailing.

Raees, Kaabil, Raees vs Kaabil, Box Office Collection, Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan, raees vs kaabil collection
Raees 10th Day Collection 10 Days Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Report

In a bigger surprise, all the films of Badshah remain hit the overseas market irrespective of reviews from local critics. SRK starrer movie overseas collection continues to fetch more important records with the time. It’s expected that the movie will earn 100 crores from the overseas market before going off screen. The income from international broadcasting rights for songs and video shall be added later on. So far film had earned over 65 crores from foreign markets.

Stay tuned.

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