Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection: Movie 6th / 7th Day or 1st Week (Monday and Tuesday) Worldwide Total Report For Biggest Bollywood Clash 2017

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Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection 6th / 7th Day 1st Week (Monday & Tuesday) 7 days: The two blockbusters of this year Raees and Kaabil clashed on the same day. The date of 26th January was booked by Shahrukh Khan, and because of misunderstandings, both actors released the film on the same day. The clash of Republic day didn’t go that much worse at the box office. Both the films minted out a significant money taking the best advantage of the opportunity.

It’s also equivalently true that in the clash of Raees vs Kabil there was no winner in general. Both the movies lost a substantial part of potential earnings. Check day by day comparison of Kaabil vs Raees in the post for the period of 6 days. The complete BO collection report for Raes and Kaabil as well is mentioned below for convenient use. Check out which film won the final clash on the BO minting out the best from the opportunity.

Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection 6th Day

Days Raees Collection Kaabil Collection
Wednesday 20.42 10.43
Thursday 26.3 18.67
Friday 13.11 9.77
Saturday 15.61 13.55
Sunday 18.12 15.05
Monday 6.2 4.35
Tuesday 7.5 6.10
Total Domestic Collection 105.86 79.60
Total Overseas Collection 62.25 18.65
Total Collection 163.11 98.25

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Kaabil 7th Day Collection – Rs. 6.10 cr

Raees 7th Day Collection – Rs. 7.5 cr

On Wednesday, Kaabil collection didn’t arrive with good news for Hrithik Roshan as the clash resulted in almost half of earnings of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. Raes earned 20 crores on Wednesday, whereas Kabil was not able to cross the figure of 11 crores.

Thursday was the most important day for both the films to perform at the box office. Kaabil took an expectational growth on the box-office with positive reviews floating in. The overall increase in Kaabil collections touched the mark of 80% (18 crore rupees) whereas Raaes only earned 26 crore rupees on Republic day.

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Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection 6th Day
Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection 6th Day

Friday wasn’t expected to be that good for either of the film being a weekday. Kaabil stays closer to the opening day collections with 10 crore rupees earnings. Raees faced a significant downfall in overall BO collections. Raees v Kaabil clash turned out to be worse for Shahrukh Khan from Friday onwards.


Saturday and Sunday were as important that anything for both the films. On Saturday, Raees earned a figure of 15.61 crore rupees which was just advanced by 2 crore rupees from the BO earnings of Kabil film. The competition among the masses just begun after the 1st weekend.

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Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection 6th Day

Monday didn’t expect to be better for either of the films. Being it the closing of the month and the first weekday after an extended weekend, limited growth observed in many theaters. Kaabil continues to perform strongly on the multiplexes with 8 crore rupees while Raees saw a fringe downfall on overall BO earnings.

In the overseas market, Shahrukh Khan performed much better than Hrithik Roshan. Kabil was not even able to surpass the BO earnings of Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro which is definitely a matter of concern for both father and the son. Collection from the overseas for Raes vs Kaabil clash continues to be of more than 33 crore rupees which Hrithik couldn’t compete shortly. Strong support for SRK film was seen from UAE-GCC countries making it stronger than ever.

Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection 6th Day
Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection 6th Day

As of now, the winner of Raees vs Kabil clash is obviously Raees being around 50 crore rupees stronger than of competitor on the BO for the final war. International fan following of Shahrukh Khan does help the figures touch a whole new level. There is an alleged manipulation in Kaabil collections by the producers.

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  1. Hi i m shahid I watch both movie raees vs kaabil i think raees is a exellent movie because king khan is look is diffrent and acting also exellent awesome muvie raees kaabil is a good ok

  2. Way to go team kaabil for doing so well after screens were snatched from them unfortunately. Someone should make a movie on how that happens in India…cheating!! I am sure if things were the other way around and srk got less screens he would be upset too. Raees is not ahead od Kaabil because it has more screens so once you do the mathematics..they are equal but clearly India just doesn’t get it…that’s why they are behind from Hollywood

    • If Kaabil outperforms Raees, they will have more screens in the coming week. Both are great movies and both should do well in BO commensurate with their respective budget. Kaabi’s budget is low, so they will profit for sure. But honestly I feel Raees deserves an edge over Kaabil as Raees is more theatre friendly and eye-pleasing.

    • In my opinion raees is not good film. Because it has no seriousness. Kaabil is a important film for our society. Kaabil is better than raees.

  3. The message for those who really follow the good movies and not the stars then go for Kaabil, Raees’s first half is boring however last 26 mins is really good as film gives a good message. God bless you all!!

  4. A good perfomence by Greek God of Bollywood in kaabil. Thanks to the team of kabil for give us a better movie. Hrithik roshan is the best!

  5. Hrithik is the better actor than king Khan kaabil is a best minded movie.all performance of hrithik is best.he is a best actor

  6. I am from Mauritius and kabil is housefull. During weekend it was difficult to get ticket for Kabil but seat for Raees was available. Till date i couldnt see Kabil with my family and we were offered Raees Ticket instead, many people took it they had no choice. They left their house to watch a movie and didnt want to return home. So Raees depite beeing second choice is still getting revenue.

    I think the UAE are fans of shah rukh and no matter the movie quality they will not let Hrithik win this battle. Whereas India people are neutral they will not favour hrithik even if the movie is average and screen of 60;40 in favor of raees help Raees get more revenue.

  7. King Khan film is the best ever… Becoz apna time shuru.. Kyuki logo Ka toh din aur raat hota hai shero Ka zamana hota hai.. Raees is 2 good with respect to kaabil..

  8. Overall if you see, Shah rukh’s movies after happy new year are barely doing well. Days are gone for Shah Rukh to have 100 Cr business in three days. Hardly making big money now.

  9. Hrithik is an amazing actor .Acting as a blind man is a challenge and he done it very well.Thumps up for Hrithik.

  10. Kabil is kabil den raees…
    According to me only 2 reasons for raees to earn more is fan following n coz it got more screens…
    Flop movie compared to kabil….

  11. As of now, the winner of Raees vs Kabil clash is obviously Raees being around 50 crore rupees stronger than of competitor on the BO for the final war. International fan following of Shahrukh Khan does help the figures touch a whole new level. There is an alleged manipulation in Kaabil collections by the producers.

  12. Kabil is a routine revenge story as the villain harees her wife she sucides and the same routinedrama shuru he kill villains as coming to raees superb story I watch both raees is toooooo good srk steals the show dialogues fights heroine everything are super it’s a full meals movie to see different story watch raees to see routine faltu story watch Kabillove u srk

  13. Both movies sucks

    Aaj kal kya hua he bollywood ko dono filmo ki stories acchi thi acting bhi acchi thi par masala dalane ke chakkar me dono filme timepass ho gayi hai

    Kabil me hritik ne acting to acchi ki par vahi sada hua action rodse hero ko kahipebhi maro hazzar bar maro phir bhi wo khada hoga aur marega

    Raees once upon jaisi screen play nahi aurmahira khan yaaar koi to acting sikhav

  14. Raees is movie with the same old concept. Bt Kaabil has brought a new idea a new way of thinking and inspiration as well. So Hritik is better this time. Guys We cant always support SRK despite lower Quqlity product.

  15. both the films are really good ……
    both the flims r best in their own place…
    m a die heart srk fan…..
    but kabil is also a awesome movie…
    great job done by both….
    Hirthik n SRK u both will always b my favourite actors…..

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