Tristian Hamilton aka Rapper FBG Cash Killed in Chicago: What do we know about him?

Who was Rapper FBG Cash? Death Cause, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth 2022, Girlfriend, Wife, Family
Who was Rapper FBG Cash? Death Cause, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth 2022, Girlfriend, Wife, Family

Rapper FBG Cash was killed in Chicago at the age of 31. He passed away on June 10, 2022, and belonged to Chicago. However, he was residing in Atlanta for the past few years. His real name was Tristian Hamilton, and he was a drill rapper. Cash had collaborated on several mixtapes and tracks with the late FBG Duck.

The rapper, FBG Cash, initially debuted as Cashout063 and rose to fame for his collaborations with Duck and for his variety of music. He was a member of the Fly Boy Gang and had felony charges. Cash was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and thus spent a year in jail.

FBG Cash Net Worth 2022

At the time of his death, FBG Cash had an unknown amount of net worth. There are some websites that give a hint in regards to his wages and monthly income. The guess is that he had a remuneration of between $18,720 to $141,440. The salaries of rappers in the US lie in this range. He had given a few hit songs and music films.

On average, 50% of the rappers earn about $49,920 approximately while the best 75% earn $141,440. Cash had a personal YouTube channel too. The channel has about 10,000 followers/subscribers and over 300,000 views. All of it has contributed to his rising net worth as the platform also pays out to content creators.

So, the rapper died after living a worthwhile and somewhat wealthy life. He has left an unforgettable memory in the music industry. A new rap was scheduled to be released on June 11, 2022, and is now available below.


Who was FBG Cash? Wiki Bio, Real Name

The real and full name of FBG Cash was Tristian Hamilton. Per Discogs, Cash has a number of raps and songs to his credit. Per Spotify profile, the list of Cash’s most popular songs include Back Again 25’s, 3:50 am, YB Flow, Statements, Tooka Gang Pt. 2, etc.

He again made news when it was revealed that he had a relationship with the mother of Chief Keef. In February 2016, Cash was arrested for illegal use and possession of a firearm. He was held at Vandalia Correctional Center.

Rapper FBG Cash Death Cause: How did he die in Chicago Shooting?

The rapper was shot dead in a shooting that happened in Chicago. He succumbed to the gun wounds. Following the shooting, he was admitted to Advocate Christ Medical Center, but the doctors pronounced him dead.

At the time of writing, it was not known who killed rapper FBG Cash. No suspects have been arrested by the authorities. Five suspects have been arrested for the killing of Lil Durk. The investigation is in process.

Just weeks before Cash’s death, the rapper Lil Durk featured him in a rap titled Computer Murderers. The shooting took place at around 5:30 am. He was with a woman who was also wounded in the left arm and upper back. She is in a critical situation.

FBG was driving and the woman was asleep when the shooting happened at the 1600 block of West 81st Street in Chicago. The shooter used a rifle, and in response, the rapper also used a handgun and fired at him.

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