Rustom 1st / 2nd Day Box Office Collection Opening Friday / Saturday Report: See Akshay Kumar’s Movie Worldwide Business on Day 1

Rustom Collection Rustom Box Office Collections
Rustom 3rd week box office collection and earnings report

Rustom 1st / 2nd Day Collection Opening Rustom First Friday / Saturday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: Rustom movie of Akshay had collected a number of positive reviews despite severe criticism. Rustom collection is expected to be more than of any other release of Akshay Kumar during this weekend. (Check: Rustom review).

The two most important factors which jointly affect a number of earnings are increased fan base and festive release. The movie box office collection could be higher because the movie is released on a day from which audience has 3 days long weekend.

Rustom 1st Day Collection

Opening Rustom First Friday Box Office

The combination of days was demanded by many superstars, but Akshay Kumar ends up with winning the slot. The Friday collection of flick is valuable as they are only going to decide the fate of the film. Check whether your favorite superstar, Akshay Kumar’s latest release was a superhit or a flop.

The occupancy for movie remains on top notch during the opening shows. The occupancy of up to 40% was observed in main theaters during the first day first show. The figure is decent considering the fact that there was rain in the morning at various locations in North India.

Akshay does have a great fan following in South India which is attracting a huge audience base on the same day. The noon shows remains good but not as per the expectations. There were hardly any housefull shows during the noon and evening.

Rustom 1st Day Collection Opening Rustom First Friday Box Office

According to out initial report, Rustom first day collection comes to 18 crore rupees, which is a great start. Releasing the film on a usual weekday was a great th ing. Since there is severe competition from Mohenjo Daro, the film will face a bit of downfall.


Since the expectations have been improved from Akshay Kumar’s movies’ boxoffice. We are expecting the film to perform better in many cinemas of prime location including metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc.

Usually, Akshay’s film didn’t perform better in Kolkata but this time, the story is definitely going to attract a huge audience especially in other locations.

Rustom 1st Day Collection Opening Rustom First Friday Box Office

The late evening and night shows performed better as per the expectations. Almost 60% occupancy was recorded in metropolitan cities. With many housefull shows in almost every third theater, such response is seen after Salman Khan’s sultan.

The response was great as the love from the audience. Ticket price has surged, but audience remains unaffected of it.

The movie is released on an around 2300 screens throughout the country, which is great but below the expectations. Among the 2300 screens, over 1000 screens were observed in single screens and mass centers while another 1300 screens are dedicated to multiplexes. Response from Multi Plexes is quite better than of response from mass centers.

Rustom 1st Day Collection – Rs. 14.11 cr

Rustom 2nd Day Collection – Rs. 18 cr

Rustom 2 days Box Office Collections – Rs. 40 cr

Opening Rustom First Friday Box Office

The budget of the movie is quite low in comparison to other films released this year. The film is produced in a low budget segment of 35 crore rupees where another 15 crores have been spent on advertising and marketing.

Totalling the target to 50 crores, it can be easily achieved before the Independence day. All the earnings on independence day will always remain an over and above bonus.

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What are your expectation from its lifetime business?

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