Rustom 2nd / 3rd Day Box Office Collection 1st Saturday / Sunday / Weekend Report: Akshay Kumar film earned this in 2 days

Rustom Collection Rustom Box Office Collections
Rustom 3rd week box office collection and earnings report

Rustom 2nd / 3rd Day Collection 2 / 3 Days Rustom 1st Saturday / Sunday / Weekend Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: Rustom movie of Akshay Kumar had received positive reviews from film critics around the world. (Also Check Rustom Review.)

Rustom second Day collection is a very important aspect in the same as the earnings of the film are going to decide its future fate with the boxoffice. Rustom collection is expected to Akshay Kumar’s previous records. The last film of Akshay Kumar, Airlift performed very well at the box office.

Rustom 2nd Day Collection

2 Days Rustom 1st Sunday Box Office

Since Baby, Akshay had copyrighted Independence Day and Republic Day for releasing his movies. It got perfect timing as the movie was released with three days long weekend. (check: Mohenjo Daro collection.)

Rustom box office collection will probably go up on Sunday and Independence day; the two days are very crucial for the movie. The movie had already collected plenty of responses from the well-known critics around the world.

Getting a good initial start is very important for every film especially in Bollywood boxoffice. Although it turns out to be a myth after seeing the response on subsequent days on Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN.

It is a quite budget friendly movie for the producers. With a new director in the industry, who has done only one film earlier, Akshay had somehow taken a significant risk. The total budget was 50 crore rupees.

Rustom 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Rustom 1st Sunday Box Office

Among the 50 crore rupees, 25 crores was utilized in production cost and other 15 crores went towards marketing and advertising costs thereof.

The initial release of the flick is scheduled in over 2300 screens throughout the country. Among these 2300 screens, 1300 screens were single screens of mass centers. While the other 1000 screens went towards multiplexes and pvrs around the country. The earnings from single screens are an observed bit better than of multiplexes during the first and the second day too.

Akshay does have a great fan following in South India which is attracting a huge audience base on the same day. The noon shows remains good but not as per the expectations. There were hardly any houseful shows during the noon and evening.

Rustom 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Rustom 1st Sunday Box Office

Rustom Saturday collection is better than of its 1st-day collection. The movie experienced a decent occupancy during the opening and subsequent shows as well. During the morning show, feedback was quite satisfying as the shows run with almost more than 40% occupancy in total. The reports from prime locations like Delhi and Mumbai were far better.

During the noon shows, the craze was observed picking up new heights. Despite rains in various cities, fans of Akshay Kumar couldn’t resist themselves for going to watch the talkie. The occupancy observed during the noon and evening shows was around 50-60% in the primary locations.

However, the response from Night shows was up to the mark. The film which opened with 14.11 crore rupees as opening day collections, got a positive response from the audience. Pre-booking analysis observed more than 10% shows with

Pre-booking analysis observed more than 10% shows with an almost house full occupancy. Because of surge prices on tickets for the shows throughout the day, collections increased a bit.

Akshay Kumar had built up a loyal fan following during the recent years. The fan following is helping the movie to sustain on the boxoffice with a positive response. Overall occupancy during the Saturday remains more than 56% throughout the north India.

Rustom 2nd Day Collection – Rs. 16 cr

Rustom 3rd Day Collection – Rs. 20 cr

Rustom 3 Days Box Office Collections – Rs. 45 cr

Rustom 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Rustom 1st Sunday Box Office

The report of the Overseas collections hasn’t arrived yet, and the same will be updated as soon as possible. During the last 2 days of first 3 days long weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Independence Day). The film is expected to earn 100 crores figures as a total of 4 days box office collection.

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  1. Rustom is a gripping film, wonderfully directed and told. Superstar Akshay Kumar is marvelous as the high ranking naval officer for whom duty comes first, who murders his wife’s lover.Everything about the movie is class…the recreated 60’s…to the star cast…the supporting cast…to the music…to the art direction…to cinematography…editing…and direction…everything is top form…This is awesome cinema…we should all be proud of…

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