Saala Khadoos Movie Review Rating: R Madhavan’s Movie Audience and Critics Response – Story, Performances

Saala Khadoos 12th Day Collection 12 Days SK 2nd Tuesday Box Office
Saala Khadoos 12th Day Collection 12 Days SK 2nd Tuesday Box Office

Saala Khadoos Movie Review Rating: The latest movie starring R Madhavan has been released in theatres. Thus for this occasion, here below, there is Saala Khadoos review. Before going to watch the film, go through the reviews to decided if you should watch it or ignore. (see: airlift collections.)


Saala Khadoos is about Adi (R Madhavan) who is a boxing coach by profession. This rugged and growling coach clashes with his head (Zakir Khan) as a result of which Adi gets transferred to Chennai which happens to be a weak boxing zone for women. However Adi finds Madhi (Ritika Singh) who is poor and sells fish in Chennai.

She aspires to become a boxing champion and Adi takes the step spending huge money training her personally. The rest of the movie is about their efforts which made Madhi end up as an International boxing champion. Watch Saala Khadoos to know about the complete story.

Saala Khadoos Movie Review


The first half of Saala Khadoos starts up on an impressive note and Madhavan’s stylish makeover as Adi will steal everyone’s heart. The complete first half of Saala Khadoos has been handled well that the movie ends up impressive leaving an impression about the second half. The gripping narration and the realistic episodes throughout makes the first half of the film emerge to the top.

The second half of Saala Khadoos has a different story to reveal. The movie distracts because of the unwanted love track and the songs. Though the film has been narrated interesting, the indulged love story has enough impact. The pre climax episodes catch pace though the film becomes completely predictable. The climax has been decent which makes the second half of Saala Khadoos end up impressive.

Saala Khadoos Movie Review Rating


R Madhavan worked out for almost two years on his looks to suit himself as a boxer. He has been stupendous on screen and his performance is the one which took the film to the next level. After watching Saala Khadoos, one cannot re consider any other actor doing this role with such perfection. Ritika Singh is the other suprising element of the film and she has done the character of Madhi with perfection and dedication. All the other actors delivered out their best with their decent performances.

The story of Saala Khadoos is a known sports drama and the screenplay has been taken enough care of. The dialogues have been perfect to elevate the episode. The cinematography is the major highlight of Saala Khadoos and every episode has been shot with enough care. The music has been apt but the songs have been the major barriers for the film. The production values have been grand and lavish enough. Director Sudha Kongara Prasad should be appreaciated  for her direction and narration skills.

Saala Khadoos Movie Review Rating


  • R Madhavan and Ritika Singh
  • Cinematography
  • Screenplay and direction
  • Climax


  • Flaws in the second half
  • Songs
  • Romantic episodes

Saala Khadoos Rating


Final Word:

Saala Khadoos makes a decent one time watch for the performances by R Madhavan, Ritika Singh and a decent narration by Sudha Kongara Prasad.

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