Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2015 Tuesday Episode on Colors TV

Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2015 Colors TV: The episode starts featuring Indra telling that he has to make her believe that this won’t happen again or she would leave this place forever. By saying that, she vanishes. Simar and Amar say please don’t go and pardon us. They keep saying, We will do as you say. So please come back. Simar asked her to tell him what can he do to make her believe that he won’t do it again. They look for her everywhere. Simar calls up Mata ji and told her that Indra has left somewhere. Mata ji says she need to return home urgently. Mata ji picks up some of the books.

Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2015 Wednesday Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2015

Anjali and Sanju were playing. Simar speaks to himself how will he get Indra back. She too recalls her moments with sid prem and roli.

Everyone was worried and suddenly they hear Indra’s anklet sound. But is was Simar, who came in Indra’s attire.

Indra said if he wins this challenge she will forgive him. What if If she wins she will punish him for this challenge. Simar said I am an expert dancer and I accept your challenge. Sujata says whom did she challenge? Indra is actually an expert dancer and it is highly impossible to beat her. Jhanvi said Simar made a mistake by challenging her.

Indra and Simar start their challenge of dancing. Simar saw a shadow while dancing and he stops and stares at Indra. Simar talks to himself saying this didn’t happen before. Mata ji comes in and asks what had happened? Simar is in a shock. Indra said to Simar that he can’t beat her in dance.

As per challenge, you lost and am leaving this place. Simar pleases Indra. She responds saying that it was his mistake. According to the challenge, she has to leave. Simar said please stop Indra. Simar keeps pleasing Indra. Mata ji picks up and said we haven’t lost yet. We will try one more time. We will surely find a way. Don’t give up yet. She says that she is reading books and will strongly say that she will come up with a solution.

Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2015

Simar is also reading books in his room. Indra peeks and said she won’t let them find the secret of her’s which happened 100 years ago.

Simar asked about Mata ji. Amar says she is in the temple. Simar rushes to Mata ji and she asks what is it? Simar said he wants to talk about something highly important. When Simar was dancing in front of Indra something strange happened. It was all dark and he couldn’t see anything. He thinks that incident has a reason. Mata ji says we don’t know what it actually was. Simar says there was some shadow.

Indra enters the room and saw those books. Simar said that he felt like he has seen all this before.

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