Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2016 Saturday Episode – Colors TV

Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2016
Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2016

Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2016Mataji says that they are helpless as this is beyond their control. Pram ask what to do. Mata ji asks Sid to call Pandit ji. (see: SasuralSimarKa all episodes.)

Pandit ji examines Simar and tells that jhanvi is absolutely correct. He tells them that it is too late now and that Simar’s soul has left her body long ago. He says that Simar is dead. Mata ji says that this cannot happen while Prem tell him about idols asking if there is any way to bring her back. Pandit says NO and that all is useless now as she can’t be brought back.

Patali says that Simar death will bring her to patal lok. Simar ask mata rani to help her. Suddenly everything turn dark and Simar hides. Patali says that she can find her with her powers so hiding from her is useless. Simar somehow spots Devika in dark. Devika says that she has to sit on the throne as it lightened up. Simar refuses it saying that it is Devika’s throne. Simar ask why is she not sitting. Patali tells that she has to go kill gaitri and somehow has to find those seeds. She insist her to sit on the throne and finally Simar sits on it.

Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2016

They wrap her body in white cloth. Pandit ji tells that they must perform necessary rituals on her funeral and that she shouldn’t be kept in home. In Patal lok Simar sit on throne getting up into yellow attire of Patal devi. Mata ji says that she won’t let them take her away. Pandit ji says that won’t change anything. Amar thinks that if her body is burnt how she will come back. Mata ji sits with Simar and ask Pandit ji to do the rituals. Amar and Jhanvi are shocked seeing this.

All are free in Patal lok. An old man and woman says that there Patal devi is back and they must go to temple. All people at temple. The man says that his heart knew that the real patal devi will come to save them. Woman says how can they trust that the devi is real one. Another woman makes her to see the changes in patal lok and man adds on that only a true patal devi can do this. The woman points out that this devi said jai mata di and as she follows mata rani she can’t be there real patal devi.

Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2016

Padit ji tells them that Simar’s funeral will begin around 7 in morning. Amar thinks of stopping it anyhow. Amar says to Pandit ji to let him know if he needs something. Jhanvi is dazed by Amar’s such behaviour.

Jhanvi says that they can’t her in house for long and suddenly a black shadow comes near them. It said that they won’t tell the truth and let Simar’s body burn. Simar took her place in patali’s palace and she will take her body from her soul. Her soul will too be burnt.

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