Siya Ke Ram 6th February 2016 Saturday Episode – Star Plus

Siya Ke Ram 25th February 2016

Siya Ke Ram 6th February 2016The show begins with everyone standing nearby river. Rishivar tells that it’s the mahurat for bath and Ram enters the river. Janak ask about Ram clothes as Urmilla didn’t arrive. Shathanand goes to find out. Sunaina’s brothers hearing this taunt Janki’s arrangements. (see: Siya Ke Ram all episodes.)

Mandvi while taking clothes collides with Bharat and the clothes fell from her hands. She starts scolding but Urmilla request her to keep the clothes in other plate and take it as Ram would be waiting for his clothes. Bharat gets worried. He sees beautiful drawing made by Mandvi while picking up the plate. Shatrughan teases him and ask if he did this deliberately or not.

Siya Ke Ram 6th February 2016

Narad is at earth meanwhile Ram comes out of river. Narad wishes them. Ram goes upstairs after coming out of river while Janak asks Kushadwaj about Urmilla. Shathanand comes to announce the arrival of princesses. Urmilla and sisters arrive there and ask sorry for getting late.

Narad keeps a cloth in Ram’s path and takes his blessing. He also cleans his feet. Narad dresses as Dhobi to perform the ritual. Mahadev and Parvati too seeing this. Shanthanand is surprised seeing Narad. Narad says that they all have been waiting for him and now all the pending works and rituals will be completed in time.

Siya Ke Ram 6th February 2016

Ram says he appreciates his presence and smiles. Janak ask Narad to bless according to Mithilas’s tradition. Narad hesitates but Ram insist him to do it. He is worried as he thinks how he can bless his Prabhu his aradhya. Ram ask reason of his hesitation.

Narad in is heart request Prabhu not to test him. Ram says that he is waiting. Shathanand says that time is running and they must finish the rituals. Narad says how he can bless as he did tadaka’s end, Ahilya’s uddhar and lifted shiv Dhanush. He finds himself lucky to meet him and that he should bless him. Ram ask him to just give him his best wishes. Narad says that his best wishes will always be with him and leaves.

SKR 6th Feb. 2016

Ram in his royal clothes. Urmilla ask Ram to sit after performing rituals. Ram sits for Pooja while Janak asks Urmilla to start next ritual. Urmilla and everyones starts praying. Dashrath’s smiles seeing his sons and Sita’s sisters all together. Guru Vashisht gets whats going on in Dhashrath’s mind. He ask Vishwamitra the same and he says to permit Dashrath soon. Guru Vashisht ask Janak to call Sita as she will be needed for next ritual.

Ram and Sita perform rituals till late in the evening while Urmilla helping them out. They both take diyas and they come near the river as said by Guru Vashisht. Urmilla explains the ritual that the union of two diyas impersonates union of two souls after marriage. Mandvi further says that the diya’s union shows a single light as like a house where two souls live as one and two sanskriti merge. Also this ritual prays to have a happy blissful family by which whole world can be lightened. Ram leaves diya in water followed by Sita. The diya’s get far and they unite as one and all the masses rejoice the moment.

Siya Ke Ram 6th February 2016

Guru Vashisht tells Dashrath that he can go forward with his thought of getting his three sons and Janak’s three daughters married. He can go and put the proposal to Janak. Dashrath goes to Janak and tells him that he is impressed by his three daughters and wishes to marry them to his other three sons along with Ram and Sita’s marriage. Janak Sunaina and other three daughters are shocked to hear this.

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