Scandal Season 6 (S6) Spoilers: Air (Release) Date – Olivia Pope Won’t Be Seen in Episode 1

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers, Air Date, Release, Trailer, Synopsis, Promo, Episode 1 Updates
Scandal Season 6 Spoilers, Air Date, Release, Trailer, Synopsis, Promo, Episode 1 Updates

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers, Air Date, Release, Trailer, Synopsis, Promo, Episode 1 Updates: Scandal has made it official the season 6 will never showcase abortion and violent deaths as a part of the franchise’s storyline. (check: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1.)

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) has struggled too hard in the season 5 that season 6 is releasing its hold on the bitterness over Olivia. This time, Olivia will breathe the air of relief and keep a much lesser trouble part in her way.  Scandal season 6, the most awaited political thriller TV series will garnish some optimism as a cherry on the cake.

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers

Our sources told us that producer and writer Shonda Rhimes have revealed that Season 6 will be sweet to Olivia to wash away her agony and frustration that she faced in Season 5. She also hinted at President Fitzgerald Grant(Tony Goldwyn) to pursue Olivia Pope after stepping down from the office.

Fans of the famous series Scandal were worried to their bones that Goldwyn will exit the show, but the producers have reassured everyone that this is not the case.  The character will remain in the series, but the new character’s details have not been highlighted to the fans as yet.

Remember Jake? Olivia and Fitz split up, and she went through an abortion. The limelight came onto the romance between Olivia and Jake, and Fitz had started a new love affair with a reporter. In presidential elections, Olivia helped Jake become the running mate of Mellie (Bellamy Young), and he escaped the manipulation of Olivia’s father.

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers, Air Date, Release, Trailer, Synopsis, Promo, Episode 1 Updates

There is a lot of thought being put to rekindling romance with Olivia Pope with Goldwyn’s character as soon as changes are made into the character’s storyline. The plot twist will bring the optimism in the Goldwyn’s character.

The Executive producer quoted ”When Fitz is out of office, I think he could do anything he wanted. I don’t want him to move to Vermont and make jam immediately. I’m not a big fan of that- but I think he could become an advocate, a judge, a private eye or join OPA or have his own post-Scandal show where he does anything. Spinoff!”

Does this mean settling down for Olivia Pope?  Lucky guy, who will it be?

Scandal s6 to be premiered midseason 2017 on ABC.

Stay tuned for latest news. Share your views.

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  1. Shonda lies ALL the time and no one wants “our” Fitz to be with nasty Olivia. The way her character has been written…she needs a whole lot of help and cleaning up before anybody can even stomach her again! No one is holding out ANY hope…Shonda lies and has ruined Liv in the eyes of many blacks…#BlackOnBlackCrime Abc allowed it which means they also believe the black woman should be written like a ho!

    • Hi. Thank you so much for that point of view. Shonda Rhymes isn’t so honest. Olivia’s been so abused to that extent. Idont even like the idea how she’s too much into Fitz. (Such a smart lady) like her! To behave like a Ho! No good in that.

      But then, let’s see how s6 goes! Am nt happy about Olitz. Imean the whole formation. 🙁

    • Olivia is tainted and nasty from all that depressing sex with Jake. Fitz better have her check for disease before touching her again. I would love an Olitz reunion. But Shonda lies all the time and to not be trusted. She has propped the boring and dull Scott foley since season 2. Olivia and Jake are awful together. They are depressing and weird to watch. Scandal lost half their viewers because of Shonda pushing Olivia with that serial killer Jake. Olivia should see a doctor, get tested, clean her body and figure out a way to win Fitz back, not the other way around. Fitz is too good for Olivia THOT Pope!

  2. Fitz is going get Olivia back…. They both needed to go separate ways to do them. Fitz has change a lot n in good way. Olivia Has made some stupid choices but in her heart she know fitz his her guy.

  3. Season 6 will be awesome. It’s interesting how so many fans of Scandal call a single, over 21, black female professional a wh*re. While on the Good Wife Alicia is married, with two kids, a white female professional, whose had 3 lovers. I have yet to see many fans of this show call her a wh*re. Is it that many don’t hold her to the same standard of holiness. Are their fans removed from being so self-righteous, or is it a double standard. Olivia has done no more than most of the woman doing the loudest bitching and commenting. Please, who are you kidding?

    • Well! @Poppy. What them bitches saying is so true! Even though Pope is doing Fitz, but then how about her wrong choices she has made, I take it she was smart enough earlier! @least for Jake, but just not Fitz!! 🙂 she’s throwing too much of her’z to the guy.

      It abuses the blackwoman! And entire resect. Eeeeeuwwwhhh…. 🙁 so raw

    • Olivia going back and forth sleeping with Fitz and Jake makes her a THOT. She’s knocked up by Fitz…abort…then she’s back to sleeping with Jake. Yes, that makes her a whore. A nasty one at that because the sex with Jake was depressing. She looked like she was drugged out or using her body as a toy because she’s some sex addict. So this is not double standard. Be with one guy and stay with that guy is all fans are asking. This sexing both men back and forth makes Olivia earn that whore title.

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