Shivaay 14th Day Collection 2nd Thursday Box Office Report: Crosses 100 crore mark WorldWide

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection and Box Office Earnings, Shivay 3rd week earnings
22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

Shivaay 14th Day Collection 14 Days Shivay 2nd Thursday Box Office Report: Shivaay movie collection: Ajay Devgn’s starrer had entered the 2nd week and earning very well at the box office. The movie had successfully crossed the total expense on the production of the film.

The film stays little strong on the weekdays too in comparison to ADHM. The film received continue response from the loyal fan base. The Diwali clash doesn’t result in anything for Shivaay which got enough popularity because of the Ajay Devgn name itself. Ajay is quite popular among the Indian audience because of the time he had devoted to the industry. Shivaay collection received continues markable response from the fans as well.

Shivaay 14th Day Collection

14 Days Shivay 2nd Thursday Box Office Report

The reality of Shivay collection is that the film never took off in the theaters in urban areas. The another markable fact was that the response from multiplexes around the country also didn’t hook up very much. The movie stays strong in single screens around the country, the response from PVR’s was a mix.

Along with that overseas market didn’t worked up very well for Shivaay collections, film faced a fierce competition because Karan Johar had a good fan following outside India which worked well for him.


Day 1 – Friday (October 28): Rs 10.24 crore
Day 2 – Saturday (October 29): Rs 10.06 crore
Day 3 – Sunday (October 30): Rs 8.26 crore
Day 4 – Monday (October 31): Rs 17.35 crore
Day 5 – Tuesday (November 1): Rs 11.05 crore
Day 6 – Wednesday (November 2): Rs 7.4 crore
Day 7 – Thursday (November 3): Rs 6.05 crore
Day 8 – Friday (November 4): Rs 4.61 crore
Day 9 – Saturday (November 5): Rs 5.40 crore
Day 10 – Sunday (November 6): Rs 5,91 crore
Day 11 – (November 7): Rs 3.90 crore
Day 12 (Nov 8): Rs 2 crore
Shivaay 13th Day Collection (Nov.9) – Rs 2 cr

Shivaay 14th day collection (nov. 10) – rs. 2 cr

Total collection (14 days): Rs 94.93 crore

Shivaay Worldwide box office collection: 106.43 crore

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14 Days Shivay 2nd Thursday Box Office Report

The first two days earnings of Shivaay was around 20 crore rupees which were little less than expectations. The major setback was observed for a film with 110 crore rupees budget as there is less number of occupancy in comparison to the other days of Diwali holiday. The big disappointment was because it’s the dream project of veteran actor Ajay Devgn and he didn’t receive equated response.

In comparison to other movies of Ajay Devgn, Shivaay had performed much better in the BO. But in contrast to ADHM collections, Shivaay collection didn’t perform much better. The Diwali war was won by ADHM as the movie was successful in attracting the audience with unlimited gags.

Shivaay 14th Day Collection 14 Days Shivay 2nd Thursday Box Office Report

On Sunday and Monday occupancy improved during the afternoon and evening shows a bit more, and expected rate of 42% was achieved in the metro cities. The night shows are houseful in mass centers including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore because on Diwali holiday.


On Monday, around 46% occupancy was found in theaters around the country. Single screens lead the numbers with highest fill out rate around the nation. Along with that, a significant drop in prices of the ticket had also worked to give Shivaay collections a much-needed boost on a working day.

Shivaay 14th Day Collection 14 Days Shivay 2nd Thursday Box Office Report

Shivaay box office collection of 1st Tuesday was good in comparison. The movie suffered a drop but not that much. Because of screening in the single screens, fickle continues to stay strong during the night shows. Overall festive business on Monday was good considering it an average weekday but nothing special. The occupancy rate of 35% was observed.

Shivaay sixth and Seventh-day collection reports also went positive considering the quantum of response film had received in early days. It’s expected this movie will again rise during this weekend and earn another 40 crore rupees by the end of 2nd week.

Shivaay 14th Day Collection 14 Days Shivay 2nd Thursday Box Office Report

Shivay 8th Day Collection was observed going well than the previous day in many cinemas across the country. Similar to the earlier days, occupancy was seen higher in the single screens in comparison to the multiplexes. Shivay collection holds up strong in many important areas too including the national capital Delhi and Bollywood capital Mumbai.

Shivaay 2nd Saturday Collection and Shivaay 10th Day Collection: The overall occupancy rate of 31% for the morning shows, 20% in the noon and 25% in the night shows was observed by our team around the various centers. Film had earned 5.4 crores on the first day of the 2nd weekend since there was no another release.

Shivaay 14th Day Collection 14 Days Shivay 2nd Thursday Box Office Report

The Shivay 2nd Monday Collection didn’t go very well because of opening weekday and no holiday as well. It was the time when everything started for the real challenge for Bollywood movie to face the fierce competition.

Now Shivaay is going to earn a salary for Ajay Devgn as he had not charged anything for the movie and expenses for production had been almost minted out. The opening shows observed chilling opening with not much occupancy; the night shows got some boost and film still goes little strong on the weekdays.

Shivay box office collection on 12th day was good considering the film had entered the final phase of 2nd week and could last for more 2 weeks from now. The movie received a mix response from audience till now.

Shivaay 14th Day Collection 14 Days Shivay 2nd Thursday Box Office Report

Shivay collection received a good response from the public, but the greatest challenge is in impressing the fans base with beating the competitor film on selling of TV rights. It appears that Shivay could earn big from TV rights selling as well.

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  1. super emotional action film.
    fantastic acting by starcast.
    action senes never seen before and good songs.
    fantastic BG music.

    must watch for every parent

  2. Best action and picturization that I haven’t seen in any Bollywood movie. Hey ajay sir, you rocks. Now, for me you are the best actor and director. Hats off to you….

  3. You are great sir ye public saali ch&tiya hai jo aapki movies nahi dekhi jo saale sahi se abhi industry Me paau nahi rakh paye unki movies saale dekhne gaye The but sir seer seer hota hai aap chinta sir sab thik ho jayega apki Next movie ke saath

  4. Just watched it again it is actually very intense emotional and thrilling movie i really think there is a conspiracy in terms of collections shown coz right now also PVR theater was full in weekdays show in afternoon,

    Excellent action and acting Ajay devgun is astounding as director and actor as well

  5. One of the best Bollywood movies ever ….sivayy …its just awesome !!! Hats off to u Mr ajay devgan sir ..!!! Wish u all the best for the rest of the days of sivayy in box office …!!!

  6. Please watch Shivaay again and again and boost Ajay Sir hard work

    Avoid ADHM based on biased overses hypes and wrong grosses SHIVAAY ROCKS CONGRATS TO ITS AUDIENCE

  7. Superb moovie & fantastic acting by starcast, it is blockbuster moovie, Awesome effort of making this film.

  8. The best movie of bollywood.I HV never seen before.Ajay sir heads up for ur dare.u really have given a new thought for bollywood

  9. Kisi me itani talent nahi ki superstars singham Ajay devgn Sir jaisa acting ya action kar le he is the Best kya gajab ka emotional acting kiya hai Sir shivay me aur gajab ka Direction superb

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