Shivaay 5th Day Collection Shivay 1st Tuesday Box Office Report: Ajay Devgn rules weekday

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report
Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

Shivaay 5th Day Collection Shivay 1st Tuesday Box Office Report: Shivaay of Ajay Devgn performed unexpected growth on Monday. Shivay record-breaking earning had finally broken the record of any other movie of Ajay minting out such a whopping amount on a single day.

Shivaay fifth day collection was important for everyone as the film had not only decided the fate of Ajay Devgn dream project but also necessary for a future prospectus. We have delivered first reports on Shivaay collection for our fans, and the reports went very much close for 3 days. The fourth-day collection report was shocking for us as well as the figures were entirely different than the expectations. Check out how much Ajay Devgn dream project was able to earn on Monday and Tuesday.

Shivaay 5th Day Collection

5 Days Shivay 1st Tuesday Box Office Report

Shivay collections took an unexpected growth on the Monday because of Govardhan holiday as well as the month end. Because of busy schedule during the festivals, it was a total flop on the Diwali day with only 8 crore rupees earnings. Subsequently on the holiday when people were free most, the movie experienced a sudden growth. Shivaay collection for

Shivaay collection for the 4th day was the highest in the history of the film and Ajay Devgn statistics as well. The movie remained very strong in the main sectors like Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. Shivay box office was positive so far but low on marks in comparison to Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

The floating positive reviews had helped the movie to sustain even on the bad days. The opening was little less than the expectations but slowly and gradually the movie recovers and starts ruling the BO. As mentioned earlier, appearance in The Kapil Sharma Show had overall benefited the film to reach new heights.

Shivaay 5th Day Collection 5 Days Shivay 1st Tuesday Box Office Report

Overall reports from Bollywood box office turn out for Shivay collections from the successive days onwards.

Shivay 1st Day Collection: 10.3 crore rupee

Shivaay Saturday Collection: 10.06 Crore rupees (nett)

Shivaay Sunday Collection – Rs. 8.26 cr (early estimate)

Shivaay 4th day collection – Rs. 17.75 cr

Shivaay 5th day collection – Rs. 11.50 cr

Shivaay 6th Day Collection – Click here to know

Shivay 6 Days Box Office Collections [Worldwide]: Rs. 64.31 crore rupees (domestic) + Rs. 5 crore (overseas) = 70 crores (approx)

5 Days Shivay 1st Tuesday Box Office Report

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The movie stays strong in the single screens which were the primarily targeted platform. Considering the state-wise report, cities like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh remains strong for Ajay Devgn’s film during the odd days. Shivaay collection was better than Ae Dil Hai Mushkil on the ground from the 4th day onwards itself, while the other movie keeps on ruling the BO for more than 3 days.


The 3 days initial release period till Diwali didn’t buy much luck for any of the movies but taught industry a whole new lesson.

The first two days earnings of Shivaay was around 20 crore rupees which were little less than expectations. The major setback was observed for a film with 110 crore rupees budget as there is less number of occupancy in comparison to the other days of Diwali holiday. The big disappointment was because it’s the dream project of veteran actor Ajay Devgn and he didn’t receive equated response.

Shivaay 5th Day Collection 5 Days Shivay 1st Tuesday Box Office Report

In comparison to other movies of Ajay Devgn, Shivaay collection had performed much better in the BO. But in contrast to ADHM collection, Shivay collection didn’t perform much better. The Diwali war was won by ADHM as the movie was successful in attracting the audience with unlimited gags.

The occupancy improved during the afternoon and evening shows a bit more, and expected rate of 42% was achieved in the metro cities. The night shows are houseful in mass centers including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore because of Diwali holiday.

Shivaay Saturday BOC was also good enough considering holiday on a subsequent day. In the morning shows, it was seen that overall fill out rate of 30% was observed followed by night shows with full house episodes in metro cities.

Shivaay 5th Day Collection 5 Days Shivay 1st Tuesday Box Office Report

On Monday, around 46% occupancy was observed in theaters around the country. Single screens lead the numbers with highest fill out rate around the nation. Along with that, a significant drop in prices of the ticket had also worked to give Shivaay collections a much-needed boost on a working day.

Shivaay box office collection of 5th day was good in comparison. The movie suffered a drop but not that much. Because of screening in the single screens, fickle continues to stay strong during the night shows. Overall festive business on Monday was good considering it an average weekday but nothing special. The occupancy rate of 35% was observed.

Till now, Shivaay had done a fantastic business of 52 crores from the domestic market and around 4 crores from the overseas. The overseas business stays low because of less popularity among the overseas audience. However, markets like Europe and Canada continues to be in the hold of Shivaay collection.

Shivaay 5th Day Collection 5 Days Shivay 1st Tuesday Box Office Report

Stay tuned.

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  1. What rubbish entirely false news…so biased towards shivaay….ADHM has earned around 65 crocker in India and international lyrics arounf 48 crore..113 crore..
    How is shivasy faring we’ll..liars

    • It’s faring well in terms of content. Adhm is worst and only kjo can make such stupid film.btw what is crocker ???

    • People nowadays tend to watch obscene scenes like Ranbir/Aishwarya than real love between father/daughter. otherwise Shivaay is excellent in every aspect. Sometimes some great movies don’t get commercially successful as anticipated due to said reason but critically greater.

      • All right bos. This is best comment by u on collection and comparison with adhm. Shivaay is one of the best movie in the history of Bollywood ever. I don’t mind to collection. Great great movie

    • Rita Aunty
      U dont have any sense of movie
      Critics r paid this diwali by K’Jo
      chck BMS where 50000+ user who saw this movie gave 75% ranking compare to K’Jo movie 48000 gave 62%

      Just check n cment

  2. Only fans of KJo or Ranbir Kapoor can enjoy ADHM. For other it is boring movie. Rather Shivaay is very good action movie.

  3. Shivay is much better than ADHM bcz there is no story in Karan johar flop he only dishouner the great Mohammad rafi through his movie dialouges

    One of the diolouge in the movie which one of the actress said Mohammad raffi gate nahi rote the rubbish from ADHM

    Go and watch SHIVAY its a family entertainer full paisa vasul movie for audience

  4. superb movies in terms of action, acting ,cinematography and emotion amongs worldwide movies…. of the last 3 years… vry nice….shivaay

  5. Ajay sir we would like to watch movies written , directed, acted & produced by you. Excellent effort. keep on. we wish your great successful years ahead.

  6. Shivaay Outstanding Action Movie……..Acting, Action and location beauty were awesome.
    Great Work by Ajay Devgun…………

    Shivaay is better than ADHM

  7. shivaay will must pass 100cr.mark,the controversy made adhm popular though adhm is a youth oriented movie,but shivaay as level as Hollywood movie ,people will praise the shivaay ever time.adhm got sympathy bcoz of(MNS)attack and lastly karan johar has has good connection in bolly…..

  8. Shivay collections will be greater than Adhm in coming days becoz everyone realised now 2 yrs journey in making dis film will not go waste

  9. Shivaay is d milestone…of Indian cinema….This iz real gold…don’t miss…outstanding movie ever…In India…bham bham bhole! !!!

  10. i have watch shivay ,it is a awesom movie, and emotion between father and daughter is very good,action scenes are good, it is a must watch movie

  11. Such a great film.mind blowing
    Thank you Ajay Sir for this best one not only for me also for Bollywood.

  12. Shivay is very good movie..ajay sir rocks.

    Very honest person.

    Karan johar ne shivay ki negative image karneki koshish ki par nakam raha. 3 big stars but till 80 crore only. Pakistan wale kalakar longe tohi ye haal hota hai…

    Please see shivay..

  13. Shivaay best movie of familly entertainment super hit and good loketion and history very nice .girls and father imotional history.

    awesome movie friends…must watch everyone…ultimate combination of action,emotion with love……
    The real feel of the movie in theatres or multiplexes only…….
    Movie locations,stunts and direction awesome friends….all team great work……..
    Once WATCH everyone with friends or family……

    Fir muaka mile ya na mile aisi awesome movie dekhne ka…..

    so my dear friends watch movie in theatres or multiplexes only

  15. Shivay is the gift for bollywood. His started to compare the hollywood movies. This movie is made the future of bollywood.
    We love you AJAY sir.

  16. Shivaay is one of the best Action movies of India OK,,don’t think that you can change public mind by you Stupid Reviews,You all are are Promoting ADHM because ADHM is a boring Movie,, almost all critics are paid you are proving this by criticising Shivaay,, Getlost __wait and watch the Life time collection of Shivaay__,Shivaay is a Blockbuster movie.

    & remember that after your these baised reviews of Must Watch Movie like Shivaay,,nobody from now will see your useless Paid Reviews.

    Shivaay is best indian movie of year Simply the best,,ADHM is nothing in front of Shivaay ,it is very very unfortunate that some film critics & disgusting actors are Criticising Shivaay & Appriciating ADHM they all are biggesst Liar ,by this they are proving that, their reviews are Paid .I have watched both movies and undoubtedly Shivaay is far better than ADHM ,ADHM is a boring & ridiculous movie.

    Shivaay is fully Orignal movie nothing is Copy everything is new & fresh. Cinematography,Action sequences are just awesome Songs,Background music is Fantastic , & Ajay Devgan acting is worth Watching.Those who are criticising Shivaay aur just Jealous of Ajay Devgan’s Success over Other top Superstars.

    but they should remember that all other Stars have less reputation than Ajay Devgan . and this movie Shivaay will be a blockbuster .

  17. In my point of view Shivayye is very nice movie. must watch this please.. many ppl comparing this movie with ADHM. This is also nice movie. Both movies are totally different. Both are nice movies. 3.9 star out of 5 to both movies.

  18. WTF is wrong with audience and media,why so much biased.All spoiled the Shivaay which is a hallmark on the name of creativity.Some pseodo audience specially youth are really being misguide on the name of mash-up crap like ADHM.This movie deserve applause.Diwali could be the turning point but as much misjudged by audience ADHM sustained winner.Pathetic on such well educated audience going gaga over ADHM.I think Ajay should go Hollywood.
    Its really strange people are on blind date with crap and disgraceful things.India shame on ur choice!

  19. U never seen before in Bollywood Movie. Its like Hollywood..
    Specially for location.. And direction is very good
    A we some…
    Plz.. Go & see..

  20. Shivaay is one of best Bollywood action movie. Must watch with family. Feel love of father and daughter. Outstanding performance by AJ.

  21. Shivaay is best one of Ajay. Actually Karan is player of the industry and he know how to collect the audience weather movies is bakwas, he has tricks, but tricks se initial business hi milta hai. Ajay is real, real hero, real Indian, shivaay is many times better than ADHM.

  22. shivaay is most interesting story….plz watch the movie.. it’s based on true love bt Adhm is based on physical love so shivaay is d best……

  23. one thing I clear everyone….. shivaay is based on true love in opposite side ADHM is based on physical love so I select to shivaay now ur choice

  24. Wow shivay is far better than ADHM .ADHM sucks thanks karan sir for such a stupid nd boring movie …….
    Nice work Ajay sir best off luck

  25. Shivay is awesome and hard work of Ajay Sir is reflected in film I request everyone to plead watch this movie ADHM is bakwas movie in comparison to shivay

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