Shivaay (Shivay) 6th Day Collection 1st Wednesday Box Office Report: Ajay Devgn’s Movie performance

Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report
Shivaay 22nd Day Collection 22 Days Shivay 4th Friday Box Office Report

Shivaay 6th Day Collection- Shivay 1st Wednesday – Week Box Office Report: Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay movie is doing an exemplary BO performance since past 6 days. Shivaay collection had knocked out many box office records of the actor. Shivay collection was higher than of any other movie by Ajay Devgn during the weekdays.

Despite partial holidays on Monday and Tuesday, the film performed on great numbers. Response from around the world was just awesome and film received the much-needed response this week. Shivay collection figures of Monday and Tuesday had also somehow saved the sinking ship.

Shivaay 6th Day Collection

6 Days Shivay 1st Wednesday Box Office Report

Ajay Devgn dream project successfully turned out to be the biggest release of a superstar ever.The movie stayed strong in main centers for Shivay collections. Various cinema halls had changed the movie to spit between the two big releases, but it was observed that as much as 70% of the total screens in India had Shivaay banner on the top.

The film hadn’t just created a big footprint on the Bollywood box office earnings but also shown the power of single screens over the multiplexes. Till now it was believed that Multiplexes are good for BO because they constitute the highest number of screens and theaters but all this had been proved wrong with Shivay collection.

Among the city wise report, it was widely observed that Shivay remains favorite of the rural audience over the competitor.

Shivay 1st Day Collection: 10.3 crore rupee

Shivaay Saturday Collection: 10.06 Crore rupees (nett)

Shivaay Sunday Collection – Rs. 8.26 cr (early estimate)

Shivaay 4th day collection – Rs. 17.75 cr

Shivaay 5th day collection – Rs. 11.50 cr

Shivaay 6th Day Collection – Rs. 7.04 cr

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Shivay 6 Days Box Office Collections [Worldwide]: Rs. 64.31 crore rupees (domestic) + Rs. 5 crore (overseas) = 70 crores (approx)

6 Days Shivay 1st Wednesday Box Office Report

ADHM Collection – Click here 

Shivaay sixth Day Collection was great considering that the day was a weekday and no holiday was also there. We had lower expectations since it was the first day of the month and its considered to be very much busy in offices, and people drop the plans for the movie. Despite everything it was observed that almost 25% occupancy was observed in

Despite everything it was noted that nearly 25% occupancy was found in the majority of theaters. The night shows went well with slightly higher numbers but lower than the expected occupancy in the average days of Shivay movie. A markable growth was seen during the evening shows too.

Shivaay 6th Day Collection 6 Days Shivay 1st Wednesday Box Office Report

The first two days earnings of Shivaay was around 20 crore rupees which were little less than expectations. The major setback was observed for a film with 110 crore rupees budget as there is less number of occupancy in comparison to the other days of Diwali holiday. The big disappointment was because it’s the dream project of veteran actor Ajay Devgn and he didn’t receive equated response.

In comparison to other movies of Ajay Devgn, Shivaay had performed much better in the BO. But in contrast to ADHM collection, Shivay collection didn’t perform much better. The Diwali war was won by ADHM as the movie was successful in attracting the audience with unlimited gags.

Shivaay 6th Day Collection 6 Days Shivay 1st Wednesday Box Office Report

The occupancy improved during the afternoon and evening shows a bit more, and expected rate of 42% was achieved in the metro cities. The night shows are houseful in mass centers including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore because of Diwali holiday.

Shivaay Saturday BOC was also good enough considering holiday on a subsequent day. In the morning shows, it was seen that overall fill out rate of 30% was observed followed by night shows with full house episodes in metro cities.

Shivaay 6th Day Collection 6 Days Shivay 1st Wednesday Box Office Report

On Monday, around 46% occupancy was observed in theaters around the country. Single screens lead the numbers with highest fill out rate around the nation. Along with that, a significant drop in prices of the ticket had also worked to give Shivaay collections a much-needed boost on a working day.

Shivaay box office collection of 5th day was good in comparison. The movie suffered a drop but not that much. Because of screening in the single screens, fickle continues to stay strong during the night shows. Overall festive business on Monday was good considering it an average weekday but nothing special. The occupancy rate of 35% was observed.

Overall we can say that Shivay collection was a big success for Ajay Devgn and the entire team of Shivaay but much better was expected in numbers considering the level of response film had received earlier. The classy songs and ADHM clash controversies had somehow helped and as well as hurt the BO numbers for Shivaay film.

Shivaay 6th Day Collection 6 Days Shivay 1st Wednesday Box Office Report

The overseas reports were positive from the European countries and the USA as well on the weekend. An average response was seen from UAE-GCC markets which are usually considered as big markets for the Bollywood movies.

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  1. Hello all I have seen the Shivay movie with family and honestly it is a must watch family entertainment with good storyline

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  4. Shivaay a movie which is better story than adhm ,its definitely a one time watch movie.whatever may be the boxoffice collection people must remember this Hollywood class movie

  5. I am fan of SRK and Salmon but from now I am fan of Ajay … AJ best movie neat good story. Something we got to know what happening in world the reality.

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