Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 1 Episode 7 (S1E7) Review

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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 1 Episode 7 (S1E7) Review: Stan Lee has ventured into the story of Lucky Man after giving us the likes of Iron Man, Spiderman, and Avengers. His take on a man who can control luck is an interesting concept, somewhat. Until now, the story is just progressing without any moment that could get ahold of you and make you want to watch it. This is primarily the reason why it hasn’t yet gained audience’s attention. But a few loyal Stan Lee fans are following it in hope that it could turn interesting later in the upcoming episodes. (check: Power Couple Winner.)

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 1 Episode 7 (S1E7) Review

This week’s episode is about investigating the death of a fleeing man, who died on the Chelsea Bridge. Harry and Suri trace it back to the man mysterious, Golding who appears to be running a scam involving rich, foreign students. Harry intentionally puts himself in the line of fire even after Eve’s repeated skepticism and warnings about how much luck can be derived from the bangle. Also, Anna learns of a connection to the enigmatic Golding.

Police officers of London light a man on fire unintentionally when they tased him, without realizing that he was doused in petrol. They were trying to pacify the man, who was running through the streets of London half-naked, bloodied and petrified after a severe beating and torture. Harry and Suri are assigned the case, who discover that two conmen were preying on the rich lot among the foreign students and are linked to Golding, the man Harry is sure is after the lucky bracelet and all of the fiasco.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 1 Episode 7 (S1E7) Review

Deeper into the episode, Deputy Mayor Karl Frierson unsuccessfully tries to bully Detective Superintendent Winter to get rid of Harry and when it fails, he turns his attention to DS Orwell to get the job done. Meanwhile, Anna was investigating the situation at the Whitecross Clinic and she got to know that Kevin Grey didn’t commit suicide but was instead murdered. She is successful in getting out a name- Golding.

The story proceeds in a haphazard manner, with writers trying to mix all the plots thinking that they don’t need to be connected. The essence of each episode is that Harry gets a new case each week in which he tries to tackle some ever-generic thugs and traditional villains while other characters just make the plot even more complicated. At least, the episode was better than the last one and do watch the final face-off between Harry and the bad guys.


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