Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th feb episode

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th May 2016
Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th May 2016

The show begins Suhani informing Yuvraj that Dadi wants a grandchild from Rags but Rags refused and Dadi is angry. Yuvraj says why he should worry and let Dadi handle it. She tells that Rags has weight related issues. Yuvraj sees Menka in mirror and mocks her. He says that she can fulfil Dadi’s wish if Rags doesn’t. He further adds that if Menka gives first grandchild she will become Dadi’s fav bahu. Then Suhani says that child is not an easy responsibility. Yuvraj says that is a good opportunity for Menka and starts dancing with Suhani to not let her see Menka. Menka smirks and leaves.

Suhani Si ek Ladki Friday Episode

Suhani asks why he is saying all this. Yuvraj takes her along with him. Menka surprises Anuj by wearing a ghunghat. Menka tries to seduce him but he stops her. Menka gets angry at him. Yuvraj says Suhani to see all this and tells her that Menka was listening. Menka asks Anuj to promise that he will give Dadi a grandchild so that she can become Dadi’s fav bahu. Anuj runs to beat her but she escapes. Suhani ask is it a joke to you and Yuvraj says YES as Menka and Rags cannot have babies. Suhani says that their children’s future will be sound. But Yuvraj says that don’t joke and that he isn’t ready for a child yet and leaves.(Also See: Last Episode of Suhani Si ek ladki)

Rags ask Menka that is she really serious about having a child and says that she will get fat. Menka says that is it that bad to which Suhani says NO. Rags ask her not to give a lecture. She says that she can gain weight even if she doesn’t bear a child. She quotes Bhavna as example and says that she is so fit even after a child. Dadi tells Rags that she wants a grandson but Rags ask Dadi to tell this to Suhani. Rags says that she will not leave Suhani. Menka says that Dadi and Suhani will team up if Suhani agrees. Dadi says to Suhani that she knows what Dadi wants and that she is her last hope. Suhani says that she understands her. Dadi says that they all will be happy with her decision.

Suhani and Bhavna having chit chat in kitchen. Suhani ask her to take care of Golu. Menka sees Suhani working and goes. Suhani felt someone’s presence while Bhavna asked her to manage Golu as she gets his clothes ready.

Here Rags is waiting for Menka but unfortunately Ramesh comes there and Rags does not let Menka speak anything in front of her. As Ramesh goes she ask Menka about Suhani and she tells her that Suhani is in lawn. Rags see Suhani with Golu. Suhani playing with Golu and then looks around to see if anybody is around and goes. Rags says that she will teach a lesson to Suhani and throws a pot over her. A girls gardening there saves Suhani and Golu. Bhavna rushes towards them while the girls gives a helping hand to Suhani. Suhani ask about her but she ask to leave intro and apologizes as mud went into their eyes because of her.

Pratima ask Suhani about the happenings and girls blames the two. Rags shuts her up and says how she dare come into their house. The girl questions Rags to whom did she wish to hurt. Dadi sees mud and ask Pratima about the situation and the girl. Pratima tells Dadi how pot fell. Rags saves her saying that they both were arguing and didn’t throw the pot. Girl calls them a liar. Rags tells them to ask Ramesh. Ramesh agrees saying that they both were fighting. Suhani and Bhavna thanks the girl while girl ask them to give her employment.

Menka thinks that she will spoil their plan. Rags stops her and clears the meaning of what she said. But girl request her to give a chance and Dadi agrees. Rags ask Suhani to give her money and let her go. Menka says that they won’t spend money on Bhavna‘s son but Pratima says that he is Sharad’s son and his life is precious.

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