Super Singer 5 Winner: Check Who Won AirTel SS5 Title; Grand Finale Results Vijay TV

Super Singer 5 Winner
Super Singer 5 Winner

Super Singer 5 Winner finale: After a long schedule of the TV reality show sponsored by AirTel came to an end with its champion. The grand finale episode took place at DB Jain College, Thuraipakkam, Chennai. In the final, five finalists – Faridha, Rajaganapathy, Siyas, Ananad, Krishnan, and Lakshmi Pradeep fought for the title. (check: GATE 2016 Result.)

At the end, Anand Krishnan was declared as the winner of Super Singer 5 trophy. Faridha was announced as the first runner up while Rajaganapathy was chosen as the Judges’ Choice of the day. Let’s have a quick look the final episode. [mashshare]

Super Singer 5 Winner

Faridha, Rajaganapathy, and Siyad got to be a part of the finale by direct competition while Lakshmi Pradeep and Anand Aravindakrishnan were able to make entry via wide cards. Latter two were wild card entrants. The finale was free style consisting of two rounds. Stephen Devassy performe for the occasion.

Let’s have a quick look over the finalists.

  • Faridha M
    Fareedha is well versed in classical forms of music and she is the first direct finalist of “Super Singer 5.”
  • Rajaganapathy
    Rajaganapathy is a carnatic singer and won the Most Progressive Singer Award. He has sung well throughout the show.
  • Siyad K
    Siyad is good in classical, folk and western genres and received the Soulful Singer Award.
  • Anand Krishnan
    Anand is a rising star and received Creative Singer Award.
  • Lakshmi Pradeep
    Lakshmi Pradeep has performed consistently in the reality show and is good in all the genres. She received the Expressive Singer Award.


Along with Stephen, musicians Sid Sriram, Gana Bala, and Sean Roldan performed on the finale. The winner was declared on a cummulative result of the judge’s decision and the audience votes. The grand finale started on Friday at 6 pm.

Super Singer 5 Winner

Music composer Santhosh Narayanan promised to Anand and Faridha that he will give them a chance to sing in his upcoming project. Anand lifted the trophy after winning the title battle. Faridha, the first runner up got Rs. 10 lakh. Lakshmi was placed on the fourth and Rs. 3 lakh awarded to her. Siyad got fifth rank.

Music celebs’ like Benny Dayal, Stephen, Gana Bala came to performe their respective parts.

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  1. Faridha was our choice because she deserves the winner title ,from our vision She is the Airtel Super Singer Title Winner!

  2. Congrats YahWe know Anand is A desrving Candidate and finally he deserved the Title But upto the of Semifinals We have some huge Doubts about Mr Judges Especially Mrs Farida Whenever she ask Votes she Expects viewers Sympathy that’s not Encourageble Once I have huge doubts on Judge Singer MANo but he propose God Dispose

  3. useless judging. Looks like more politics involved.
    not a deserving winner.
    two useless judges Mano and ushathe lady with big pottu on herforehead.

  4. Wov. Vijay tv again proved that it is an anti tamil channel. l think most of the Super Singer Title winners of vijay tv are non-Tamilians. Well done vijay tv and thank you

  5. I wondered how Rajaganapathy was pushed to 3rd position. He has great Musical background and also performed well.We expected that Rajaganapathy or Fareedha would secure the first place.From yesterday’s result,it is clearly understood that something else is required other than musical talent.

  6. Congratulations An and…we expect tat he only will com as a winner…choice of song was fentabuls…..happy to see an and as a singer….Rocking vijay TV..

  7. Conguratulation Anand, You are only Title Winner that we already know.
    Wish you all the best for your further success. We thought your vicotry (win) is one of my family member got victory. Once again for your bright furture very very happy

  8. The voting system is defective. There were professional singers on the stage to judge the contestants. Are the voting public(mostly relatives,friends etc. of the contestants) more competent than the versatile acknowledged professional singers on the stage who were judging the contestants? I can only express a opinion. But how competent am I to judge and decide on the winner. This is applicable to every voter in this contest. The voting system benefits only AIRTEL through the phonecalls.

  9. Anand Anna I m huge fan of u YouDeserve ur trophy n.a. I prayed for u Anna congrates for ur well.begin life

  10. Farida deserves the first place. But we don’t know what happened and what is the back ground in the
    selection. I accept the comments of Mr. R. Srinivasan.

  11. I think the winner is purely public choice in the finals and the judges dont seem to have much of a say at that level. Though Rajaganapati was elected as winner of the day by judges, the cumulative public votes went in favor of Arvindakshan. The fact that he got more than 9 lakh public votes and Fareeda who came second place got only about 5 lakh votes suggests that the overwhelming support from public could tilt the scales. I feel the final choice must vest with the judges to select and the one who gets the maximum public votes can at best be given a special prize as public choice of the best entertainer. It must be noted that a lot of people do not vote on mobiles/internet either out of ignorance or out of indifference. So that should not be the criterion for selecting the Winner. The Judges know the singers well and one who has made consistant performance and has shown improvement and attitude should be the winner.

  12. I can’t believe Anand has won it but congratulations to him. I also believed Fareeda will be the winner. I think public vote should stop at the semifinals stage. Even though all five are super talented and are worthy finalists, the final must be decided by only a strong panel of judges and not by the public. Well done AAK and all the others. May you all have a bright future.

  13. I am disappointed that Faridha, the most deserving singer didn’t lift the trophy. There is no doubt that all the finalists are great singers. May them have a great future!! I agree with the above comment that the decision should be with the judges not with the viewers who are all not qualified singers/musicians .

  14. Anand iam very happy and I request you make small gifts to old age home chettipalayam Coimbatore by so thirumoorthy 9597052316

  15. It is totally fixation…. Bcos Faritha or Raja Ganapathy shuld get that…. IN final Unnikrishnan Sir Missing….

  16. Congratulations Anand. You really deserve this title. No other contestant has sung the variety of songs you have chosen so far in this season. All the very best for a wonderful musical journey which is waiting for you. Good luck.

  17. Happy with the choice of title winner. I am happy that the viewers can decide the title winner. Otherwise some partial and prejudiced judges will manipulate (as in the case of choice of Lakshmi in the wild card selection) and usurp the opportunity of the deserving.

  18. Faridha deserves the title because comparing from start she was performing better as a example she was spot and first selected finalist because she had outstanding talent of singing.. Others took a lot of effort to take final place.. Voting system is waste and incorrect… For me faridha deserves that title.. But she got second place a little satisfied but more disappointed as she didn’t win because she is perfect person for that title…

  19. Congratulations Anand ! You are truly deserving the title. you have won the hearts of many through ur amazing consistent performances. however I dint like ur second song selection in the finals. you have already proved too much on the sets and nothing more to prove. So watching the programme throughout the year we(the public) had a clear idea on choosing the title winner even before the finals. May be the few who supported others are desperate. Not onlythe other finalists are talented even Nirujan, Irwin Victoria, Priya Jersen, Latha Krishna, Aravind and lots more are all talented. only by a slight margin each and everytime there was elimination. AS for ANand, he always sang so close to perfection, was so creative and stole our hearts. I like only this method called public voting. don’t think the public are FOOLs we don’t judge by 1 or 2 performances. love yu Anand . wish yu a bright future. …………..a voice from the PUBLIC

  20. Final Judgement should be done by panel of judges only not by public voting. This season result is not genuine. Faridha only sang different genre songs and different period of time songs. No trust on Vijay TV..
    Anand was telling that Anand Vaidhyanathan is his guru. That might also be one of the reasons for his selection.

  21. Only very less people know that this is not a competition and its a very well planned show. Right from the beginning if you note properly we could notice that the mallu’s who are already performing in stage shows are cordially invited(secret unknown). Mrs. Chitra whom i respect the most as a singer but not as a judge cos we could clearly note the difference from her comment on tamilians and mallus singing but she is doing it in a very very very polished way. Its always great about vijay tv that the way they plan the show. Most of the average singing mallus will be selected and the best among them will be discarded and will get selected through wild card( noted in all the events) Finally the public voting is the highly idiotic idea where the public deciding the winner. I am not sure about the deal between airtel and vijay tv. where they earn more than the what they sponsor.
    One way i could be proud that tamilians doesnt show the difference(if you look at the voting) like other states. Knowing or unknowing they vote for the mallus and make them as winner.

    With this comments i am not against any mallu. where as i have my very close friends who are my blood. Its only about this planned event.

  22. anand won the price only cos of public votes not by his voice.Since he is charm and positive energy most of the girls voted him. Obviously Faridha or Rajaganapthi deserves.

  23. Anand Aravindakshan deserves to be the TITLE winner, . tbecause he is talented both in classical and rock. I have been watching the show for the past six months and observing the performances of all the other finalists too. It is true that Faridha had been singing consistently well. But her choice of the first song is wrong and there were lot of flaws as she is not well versed in Carnatic music like Anand or Raja.

  24. For me faridha and rajaganapathy are the real winners and siyadh also . Always there is a politics in Vijay TV. I don’t like the results.

  25. Congrats anand na …ur a well deserving candidate fr tis title …of course all others performed well bt as of true genre it is anand and nt fareedha pls dnt make a big mountain out of a mole hill fareedha opted fr sympathy it is nt encourage able of course raja deserves coz of his throw of song bt as of public choice its anand Anna …and public r nt fools who would vote on tha basis of physical criteria its nt as lik tat ..

  26. Every season vijay tv made the same mistake from super singer 3 sathya prakash,prakathi,suganya,haripriya,bhrath ,farida d rajaganapathy did excellent performance and agree by all the judges but in final it is totally differ this make frustration only who all are watching from the beginning. vijay tv makes viewers idiots

  27. Raja Ganapathy is highly talented. He deserves the runner-up position. Thanks to the judges that he was their choice. musicality should always win not politics . No worries Rajaganapathy. u will become a best play back singer so soon.

  28. I do agree with some of the comments the way conduct of super singer finale by the judges and the public voting are not transparent and some cooking up is made to announce the title winner. The winner should be judged by a panel of music stalwarts available in chennai other than the regular judges in the panel of vijay TV atleast in the grand finale- Nandhakumar. Coimbatore

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