Tashan-e-Ishq and Jamai Raja 18th March 2016 Episode: Zee TV Mahasangam

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th June 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq – Jamai Raja 18th March 2016: Yesterday in Tashan-e-Ishq we had seen how Kunj saved Rajo but mistaken tied up for a relation with her. Because of a request by Rajo, Kunj and Twinkle decided to hold up the marriage proceedings till Raja will come. It was episode number 174 for TeI and 433 for JR.

Twinkle begs for an apology from Kunj. She asks him to forgive her justifying that whatever she is doing is just because of the time. She urges him to give her the last chance. Meanwhile, Rajo’s brother came and made her leave the room telling not to waste the time. Twinkle justifies that she was taking measurements for a tailor.

Tashan-e-Ishq – Jamai Raja 18th March 2016

Yuvi, who thought they are planning a marriage in Hargrave, told his man to make a list of marriages happening there and put blame on Mahi for wasting his time. Rajo spares time to show her and Raja’s special moments and love to Twinkle. She told her to get ready as she may get late.

Twinkle tried to stop Kunj when he was walking towards the Roka place to attend the functions because it might be dangerous. Before she could explain anything, Chaudhary came and took Kunj from the place after praising the decorations done by Twinkle. When Twinkle turns around, it was Rajo, looking sadly at her.

Tashan-e-Ishq – Jamai Raja 18th March 2016

Twinkle fears of saying anything to the family as they may get scared, she c alled Sid from Jamai Raja to take advice from him. Sid told her to stay active in the hardships of life to fight out the actual situation. He told her to make sure that she backs him at every stage of life.

Twinkle comes in a veil for the proceeding of spiritual procedures; she didn’t informed that to Kunj. She teases him first and then revealed that it was her promise not to get him married to anyone in life. She flirted with him and told that it’s the time she will get married to him legally.

A Woman said Twinkle to hold her horses till the marriage proceedings happen. Pandit did the things, and they got them roka for the second time. He declares that the function is over now and prepares for their good afterlife. He asks God to keep them together for forever.

Tashan-e-Ishq – Jamai Raja 18th March 2016

The time came for the unveiling of the veil on Twinkle’s face. Sid from Jamai Raja got a message that he will have to pay for everything. A coffin arrived in their courtyard. Roshini and Sid come running from their room expecting Ayesha inside; they got worried for Ayesha.

Yuvi screams at the man for not able to search Twinkle and Kunj. Later he figures out that Twinkle has befooled him by sending him there.

Everyone asks Twinkle to put her veil off. A lady approaches towards her to do the task. As soon as she was about to take the veil out, electricity goes off. Meanwhile, Rajo comes and gets her replaced with her saying she have turned off the lights.

Kunj goes shocked after seeing Rajo’s face. Sid opens the coffin and came to know that it was a joke, and the killer has befooled him once again. But later Sidharth got a watch in the coffin as a clue.

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