Swaragini 11th March 2016 Friday Episode 274: Colors TV – Guests Reject Ragini

Swaragini 14th March 2016

Swaragini 11th March 2016: Today’s episode witnessed Ragini, who came to meet Swara. At that point of time, Kavya along with Laksh was present for their shoot. Taking the advantage of the opportunity, Ragini told everything to Lakshya and Swara. After a while, she got injured and thus, Swara took her to her room. Lakshya went on a search for their mysterious room. (read: Swaragini last episode.)

Laksh again behaved rudely with his family members as he is doing from sometime in the past. Everyone was saddened as Lakshya was blindly following Kavya. She is effectively controlling him like a robot. Swara told that he had even stopped talking to them. Later on, Kavya asked for two cheques of Rs. 20 lakhs from him which he gave without any second thought.

Swaragini 11th March 2016

Through his action of his own, it looked like he was being hypnotized and is in control of Kavya. Lakshya is completely influenced by her. Maybe it’s his love for her, and he is too angry to listen and understand anyone’s else perception. (check: Swaragini all episodes.)

Sanskar was fully involved in solving the mystery surrounding Kavya. When he was talking to his elder brother, Kavya listened to them. She got threatened when Sanskar asked for flat number 211 as they have got some significant lead on her. He was just trying to uncover the truth of Kavya and the photograph which recently came to notice.

Swaragini 11th March 2016

Lakshya had some talks with his family regarding the business and made them remember that he is the sole owner of the whole business and the home. It’s all in his name. Lakshya behaved very much like a puppet, and it was all going crazy. All of a sudden Sanskar hit him. Then, Lakshya came into his reality and moved out of the town for some business work.

Kavya thought to plan to get some information regarding what was being taken place between Sanskar and other family members. The next episode will air tomorrow. In the precap, it was shown that Kavya is keen on making the pooja go bad. On the other hand, Shekhar has plans to invite a family for Ragini’s marriage proposal.

A family came and visited Shekhar and Ragini. After talking and deciding, they rejected and insulted her as she was wearing the ring from her previous marriage with lakshya. Kavya did something as per her plan, and it did work. As a result, the whole of the family got threatened.

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