Swaragini 14th October 2015 Colors TV: At Last, Whole Family Got To Know Ragini’s Reality

Swaragini 14th October 2015 Wednesday Episode Colors TV: Today’s episode started following the story when Lakshya got to know the reality of Ragini. The starting featured Durga Prasad asking Shekhar if Laksh has called up them too. Shekhar replied positively to him. Sujata asked Annapurna about the same. But she replied negatively.

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Durga Prasad wanted to know their status and asked her to call Ragini but Parineeta replied that she is absent from the house. Annapurna wondered and Shekhar said that perhaps she was Okay. Durga Prasad asked everybody present there to wait for Lakshya as he told him that it’s very important. Annapurna hoped for their well-being.

Swaragini 14th October 2015

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On the other hand, all the three were working on to reach their home. Lakshya asked Sanskar to come with him in his car. But, Swara said that she will arrive with Sanskar. Thereafter, Sanskar replied that they all will meet at home. They sit in their cars and left for Maheshwari house.

While, Ragini was recollecting her past while sitting back in the farmhouse where she accepted her crimes. She went deep through her actions and happenings.

While in the way back to home, Swara also recalled her past especially the two moments -> happy past with Ragini and the second when Ragini pushed her into the river. Probably, she didn’t go with Lakshya as she recalled her sister to not to snatch him from her.

Swaragini 14th October 2015

Sanskar witnessed when Swara was crying and asked her why she didn’t go with Lakshya. He added that he is not going to stop her crying at that moment. Further, he said that they have won. Swara agreed but said that she is still not happy. She explained that she just wanted to make father and mother together by clearing their misunderstandings. Then, he said that she is still concerned about her sister. When they reached home, he said to her that they have arrived their house. Swara thanked Sanskar to his efforts. Lakshya and Ragini arrived in their car.

After getting down from their cars, Swara asked Lakshya to end the whole matter here as no one will be able to withstand the betryal of Ragini. She added that it is sufficient for her that he knows the whole truth. But Lakshya refused to bury the matter without telling family members. He insisted on telling Ragini’s true face citing that she has done wrong and created doubts and misunderstandings which needed to be cleared. He held Ragini’s hand and took her inside the house.

While, inside the house, Sujata said that they haven’t arrived till now. Just after it, they saw Lakshya in an injured condition walking inside and holding Ragini’s hand. Following them, Swara and Sanskar entered in the house. Family members enquired about his state. Lakshya pushed Ragini on to the ground.

Swaragini 14th October 2015

Lakshya replied that he is all well and all of this is artificial blood. Durga Prasad asked him for calling all there. He replied that all of them need to see some video. He took out a CD and played it on the TV. All the members saw the whole thing including Ragini accepting crimes which she did to get Laksh and stabbing Swara in the last. The family members got to know all the conspiracies and the reality of Ragini.

After watching the video, Dadi starred at Ragini shockingly while Sumi looked at Shekhar. Sujata said that it is good that everybody came to know the truth. Dadi recalled all the talks which Ragini told her against Swara.

Then, Dadi came to Swara skipping Ragini and told her that she always taunted her and her family especially her mother and maternal mother for their upbringing. But, she also confessed that she is feeling low as her granddaughter had made her head bow. She further added that she was blindfolded because of her love and couldn’t understand the actual situation and insulted them again and again and even raise doubt on her character. Swara replied that it all happened because of misunderstandings. Dadi apologized to Sumi.

Swaragini 14th October 2015

Sumi cried as Shekhar said Sumi was correct and apologized to her by holding his hands. Ragini stood up in shock and crying. Shekhar asked her to give one more chance to prove to be a good father and husband. Sumi asked him not to apologize anymore. Then, he looked angrily at Ragini but went to apologize to Swara. He touched her feet, Swara stopped him. He said that he has done a big sin by not believing in her daughter. Further, he added that he has no right to be called as father as he has differentiated between his daughters and said that he has done wrong and gave birth to a criminal daughter.

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