Swaragini 16th February 2016 Episode

The show of Swaragini begins showing Ragini having a meet with Swara. She ask her if Sanskar came to meet her. Swara says that YES and also tells her that he promised to marry her tomorrow. She ask her to get it in his mind that it is not possible. Ragini assures her that she will make him understand that marriage don’t happen as such without mehndi and ask Swara to forward her hand.

Swaragini Tuesday Episode

She then applies mehendi on her hand and write S impersonating Sanskar’s indefinite love for her. Here Laksh comes home and Ragini tell him that she is very scared and tells her that tomorrow is marriage and still there is no proof for Swara’s innocence. She is concerned that if such situation prevail Swara will be shifted to other jail. Laksh assures her that marriage will happen tomorrow. (Also See: Last Episode of Swaragini)

Ragini is sad that she failed to save her sister. Laksh ask her about what Sanskar is doing? She is making arrangements for marriage and is busy there. Annapurna tried talking to her and Sanskar says that marriage will happen as scheduled. Sujata says that her son has gone mad.

Sanskar asks Uttara to pack the return gifts whereas Kavita ask her Sanskar what is he doing. She says that tomorrow Swara is going to jail and he is here doing arrangements here. Sanskar asks her than what he should do. Kavita gets happy and rejoice at heart. Later Ragini ask Sanskar what he is doing. Sanskar tells her what all that Kavita said to her and about the condition of marriage. He also tells her that Kavita will get chip to mandap and he has to take it from her anyhow. Ragini promises to support her and that she will fulfil her promise of taking her to mandap as promised.

Sujata ask Sanskar that she says that Swara is in jail and ask how he will her then. Sanskar says that she has a plan and will explain her later. He asks Durga Prasad to go by the plan and let marriage happen here. He wonders how he will keep Kavita under observation. Laksh too agrees with Sanskar. Durga Prasad agrees and hopes that Shekhar and Sharmistha wouldn’t feel bad. Laksh says that he wants to talk to Ragini.

Here Swara is sitting in jail and thinks when she didn’t wanted to marry him then they let it happen forcibly and now when she wants to marry him, they are separated. She then recalls Sanskar’s words. Sanskar here looks at the moon and determines in his mind that he will marry Swara only. Swara also talks to moon and says that they have faith in their love. Laksh on his phone says that the marriage will itself happen tomorrow and not to be concerned about Ragini she deserves this. Ragini comes and overhears it.

She ask him who was on the phone. Laksh says that the person was his client and says that she can call back and check. Later he ask her to go and sleep and Ragini finds her behaviour unusual. Swara here is thinking hard as how Kavita was saved from the camera. Then something strikes her mind and she feels the need to tell it to Sanskar. She somehow manages to steal the constable’s phone and call Sanskar. She ask her to reach lawyer’s office and call her back. Sanskar does the same and call her back. Swara tells them Kavita must have entered the hotel room via window and ask them to find any proofs.

Sanskar request lawyer to contact the investigating officer and then both of them along with the investigation team search near the window. They find blood marks near it and send it to forensics lab. Later Inspector tells them that the blood sample is of someone else.

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