Swaragini 17th February 2016 Episode

Swaragini 17th February 2016

Swaragini Latest Episode: The show begins with Inspector telling Sanskar that the blood sample that they found was neither of Urvashi nor of Kavita it was of some other third person. Sanskar studies the report and is shocked. Lawyer says that they never knew they would find such evidence. Sanskar suddenly gets a call from Kavita and Swara wonders why she is calling him. Ragini ask Swara to have faith in them and promise to get her out of this jail soon.

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Lawyer leaves saying that he will talk to the inspector about finding this third person. Swara starts crying saying that they were about to get married in the same mandap and now this happened. Sanskar assures her saying that he will come there before 2 and take his bride along with her. He then hugs her and leaves.

Sanskar announces that he now wants to marry Kavita and they all are dazed. He backs this saying that it is all for Swara. Dadi accuses him of betraying her granddaughter. She says that on one side Swara is suffering from all this and here he wants them to trust him as he is marrying some other girl. Uttara says that she thought he was making arrangements for marriage with Swara. (Also See: Last Episode of Swaragini)

Sujata asks him if marriage is a joke and she even ask Ragini if she will marry Laksh or she also has some surprise. Sanskar says that they all have to trust him and he is doing all this for Swara. He denies telling anything to anyone. Later Annapurna agrees to his decision after thinking heavily on the same and says that he is with him. Seeing this Sumi and Shekhar also agree to support him.

Sanskar promises Sumi that he will soon bring Swara home. Sujata tells them that now she is getting why Kavita is so much happy. Ragini says that they have only 1 chance and four hours left. If everything goes by a plan they will definitely strike a chord.

Swaragini 17th February 2016

Here Laksh arrives at home talking on phone and Sujata ask him if he knows why Sanskar is marrying Kavita. Laksh replies that whatever happens always happens for good. Later Ragini tries to talk to him but he avoids her saying that he has to go get ready for marriage.

Ragini is astonished by his behaviour whereas Kavita asks her to give the jewellery box. Ragini wonders where would be the chip. Kavita asks her if Sanskar told about his decision to the family. Ragini says that she also supports Sanskar’s decision. Kavita then says that she is following her saying that one should marry her first love.

Ragini then searches for the chip and gets ready for marriage. Kavita then asks her servant to keep her vanity kit downstairs and Ragini sees it. Kavita invites her to sit and offers to make her wear a dupatta.

Swara is forced to get into the jeep. Lady Constable blames her for stealing her phone in the night. Swara requests them to allow her to make a call to Sanskar but they deny. Kavita and Ragini head towards the mandap. On the way, Kavita’s dupatta get stuck and then servant help her to take it out.

Swaragini 17th February 2016

Suddenly chip falls from her dupatta onto the floor. The constables there are taking about Kaveri. On further inquiry, Swara finds that Kaveri was released from jail two weeks ago. Laksh and Sanskar are talking to each other.

Sujata again confirms from Sanskar about his decision. Ragini ask for a glass of water and says that she wants to wash her face as something got in her eyes. Here Swara acts as if she is about to vomit. Lady Constable asks driver to stop and as soon as the vehicle stops Swara escapes away.

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