Swaragini 18th September 2015: Ragini Appears As Molested


Swaragini 18th September 2015: Sanskar fills Swara’s maang with sindoor and asks Laksh if he is convinced now. He asks him to click their photo and hangs in his room. Laksh says you are very lowered man. Sanskar says I hope this is last test for me. Durga Prasad asks them to go to their rooms.

Sanskar says if he tries to trouble them, then he will expose his marriage truth. Laksh gets angry. Durga Prasad asks them to end the matter. Shekhar comes and asks Laksh, do you love Swara even now. Laksh apologizes to him and says he promises to give wifey rights to Ragini. He goes with Shekhar to bring Ragini. Swara looks at sindoor in her maang and asks Sanskar, did you know what you have done?

Swaragini 18th September 2015

Sanskar says we are not husband and wife, because of this sindoor and asks her to wipe it off. Swara says is this a joke? Sanskar says Laksh’s words has affected him and says he can’t bear anything against her. He says I will do this again to shut Laksh’s mouth. Swara says I always saw my mum’s maang empty since childhood and tells about its importance. Sanskar apologizes to her as she felt bad. He says Ragini made our life difficult by bringing our marriage truth and Laksh is still very much angry. He asks her to sleep.

Laksh and Shekhar come home and see Ragini on floor. They try to wake her up. Ragini wakes up. Just then they hear Dadi shouting for help. Shekhar sees Sumi attacking Dadi and asks how dare you? ( this is Dadi and Ragini’s plan to trap Sumi). Ragini calls Swara, and acts as talking to Dadi. She asks Dadi if she is fine? Laksh asks what is happening? Dadi tells Sumi is my enemy and made my life hell. She fighted with me and pushed Ragini.

Swaragini 18th September 2015

She even tried to kill me. Sumi asks why I would do this. Shekhar blames Sumi and accuses Swara badly. Swara and Sanskar hear on phone. Shekhar says I will not leave you today. Dadi asks him to call Police now. Sumi is shocked. Shekhar says our name will be ruined. Dadi asks him to call Police. Dida wakes up and asks why you are making noise. Dadi asks Ragini to call Police first. Ragini talks to Swara and says did you see what Maa has done. Swara says Maa didn’t do anything. Ragini says everyone believes on me. Swara says Dadi will punish you if she comes to know about your truth. Ragini says I won’t let that happen and says she will call Police now. She says I don’t want to hurt Sumi, but you didn’t leave any option for me. Swara tells Sanskar that she will go Baadi, and asks him to bring woman organisation.

Dadi gives statement to Police. Shekhar says Laksh and me are the eye witness. Sumi looks shocked. Dida asks Shekhar not to fall in Ragini’s trap again. Laksh tells that Sumi was pressing Dadi’s neck. The Inspector arrests Sumi for trying to kill Dadi. Swara reaches there and asks him to leave her maa. She says my Maa can’t do this. She says you think that you are making me weak with this move, but you are making me more stronger. She says My maa can’t do this. Inspector says I have eye witness.

Swaragini 18th September 2015

Shekhar says you will proof us wrong. Swara says you are shown wrong thing. The Inspector arrests Sumi. Shekhar asks him to arrest Sumi in the morning. Dadi says what you are saying? She asks him to go inside and asks Laksh to take him in. Swara says you can’t do this. She asks Dadi not to do this. She tells Ragini that Sumi is your mum also and says we both know that Maa didn’t do anything as such. Dida cries and asks Dadi why did you do this?


Dadi asks her to go. The Police is taking Sumi with him. Dadi feels good. Sanskar comes and stops the Inspector saying you can’t arrest her. He says all the accusations are wrong. Dadi says she tried to kill me. Sanskar says it was difficult to believe you, as Sumi is trying to save her marriage. He asks him to take statement of Mahila Samiti woman. The Inspector reads the letter and says we need concrete people. Dadi says we have eye witness. Inspector says your son and son in law will say yes as per your sayings.

Shekhar says we have seen with our eyes. Sanskar says whatever you have seen might not be right. Woman organisation lady says that they can’t arrest woman after evening. The Inspector leaves Sumi and goes. Sumi asks Swara, if Sanskar really filled your maang? Sanskar apologizes and says I did what was right at that right. Ragini comes and says Maa. Sanskar stops her and asks her to get lost. Ragini asks him to move from her way and says she want to talk to her mum. She tells Swara that sindoor is looking good and taunts her. Sumi asks her to get in.

Swaragini 18th September 2015

Ragini apologizes to Sumi and says she did this to get her husband’s love. She says everything is fair in love and war and I can’t be great as you. I can’t sacrifice my love and says I am fighting for the first time in life. She says I don’t know why everyone is having problem with my happiness. She acts and cries, and says this is happening because of Swara. She says Swara don’t have any proofs against me, and she can’t prove me guilty.

She says your differences with Papa will widened. She says Sanskar has betrayed me and will betray Swara also. Sanskar says I decided to support truth and didn’t betray you. Ragini says when people will know about Swara living with a stranger then what will happen. She says I will be proved right and is legally Laksh’s wife. She says what will happen with Swara. Sanskar will leave her after his work. He is taking advantage of Swara and will leave her. Swara is already illegitimate and in illegitimate relationship. Sanskar holds her neck. Ragini acts as if she will die.

Ragini tears her own blouse, rubs her lipstick, opens her hairs and acts as being molested. She calls everyone for help and tells Sanskar tried to rape her when she went to kitchen to drink water.

Swaragini 18th September 2015 episode ends.

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  1. Ab ragini ka sach saamne laao yaar . Story Bhut boring hoti jaa rhi Hai dekhne ko dil bhi nhi krta Ab to. I hateeee ragini .

  2. plz swara expose ragini aur sanskaar ki pyaar ko except karo laksh tumhare layek nahi hai sanskaar hi tumhara real love hai