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Swaragini 14th March 2016

Swaragini 4th February 2016The show begins with Swara welcoming Maheswari family. Uttara invites them for practicing Sangeet while Sanskar also arrives there. Uttara invites him too whereas Parineeta, Annapurna and Sujata gift clothes and jewellery to Swara. Urvashi says that they all shall come to the joint sangeet celebration by both families. (see: All Episodes of Swaragini.)

Annapurna praises the bahu. Sanskar talks to Swara and she tells her that it was not Janki but Urvashi is behind all this. Sanskar calls this her over imagination whereas Ragini over hears her and says that she might have seen her Maa. She get teary and says that everyone has seen her except Ragini. Swara ask Sanskar to leave saying that they will meet the next day.

Swaragini 4th February 2016

Urvashi rings to Kavita to ask her to meet in evening. Sumi show her concern about Sanskar to Swara. Swara says that she won’t let Urvashi get hold of her and that nobody can come between her and Sanskar. Urvashi meets Kavita and discuss preparations about sangeet. Kavita says that they should play their last move and ends Swara’s chapter tomorrow once and for all. As Kavita and Urvashi leave, Swara is seen coming there.

Laksh sees Ragini crying and asks her the reason. Ragini says that even Swara has seen her mom. She ask Laksh if she is that bad. She says that Swara enjoys everybody’s love and she too appeared in front of Swara but not in front of her. She ask Laksh if her mom also hates her. Laksh says that her mom thinks that she is happy and that why she didn’t appear to her. Ragini hugs him. Swara comes inside and guesses the presence of someone before. Seeing the two tea cups she is assured that someone is helping Urvashi. She looks at the mask there and tries it.

Swaragini 4th February 2016

Ragini says that she wishes to see her mom once. Swara wears the mask and is dazed to see Janki’s face masqueraded over it. She arrives back home and thinks of calling Sanskar but then drops the idea. She first has to get the proof and then shall expose her.

Sanskar on the other hand thinks of calling Swara but he too drops the idea thinking of their recent conversation. Later in night Laksh gets up recalling moments of Ragini torturing his family and says that though she has changed but whatever she did to him family is unforgivable.

Shekhar and Dada ji return and Dadi spends without even wasting a single minute tells them about Janki and attack on Sumi. Urvashi serves them tea and ask them to get ready as they have to visit Maheswari house. Shekhar questions Urvashi’s presence there. Dadi says that Urvashi will stay till Swara’s marriage. Swara asks Urvashi to get ready and thinks she should keep her under observation.

Shekhar along with family reach Maheswari house and perform the rituals. Sanskar ask Swara about her not calling him yesterday. Annapurna offers them sweets. Ragini stares to which Laksh ask if she was jealous. Ragini says that Swara is loved by all and they all forgive her always. She says that she has her own plans about her marriage.

Swaragini 4th February 2016

Laksh blames that she has entered her life forcefully. Ragini reacts saying what. Laksh asks her to ignore it and then ask for everybody’s attention. He says he wish to marry Ragini in same mandap where Swara and Sanskar will get married if they don’t have any problem. Swara and Sanskar approve giving a smile and everyone else also agree with same gesture.

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