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Swaragini 5th February 2016The show starts with Laksh asking permission from Swara and Sanskar to marry Ragini along with their marriage in the same mandap to which all agree. Ragini gets emotional hearing all this. Laksh proposes Ragini on his knees and Ragini with teary eyes says YES. (see: All episodes of Swaragini.)

All rejoice the moment and Ragini along with Laksh take Durga Prasad’s blessings. Sanskar and Swara are happy as two love birds are getting married. Annapurna requests Laksh not to play the fool with her. Laksh says that he has reconsidered and has thought of giving her another chance. Annapurna feels proud of him.

Swaragini 5th February 2016

Swara comes to Ragini thanking her as they have started talking because of Laksh. Ragini says she is very much happy as Laksh has started showing love for her. Ragini says that she got her piece of happiness after Swara left and ask her if she can trust Swara. She asks her if she would reach to the mandap.

Ragini says she fears Massi talks. Swara says Massi is lying and says that she doesn’t care if Ragini trusts her or not but Swara’s today’s plan will expose Urvashi. She tells Ragini how Urvashi masquerade as Janki and disturb Sumi. Ragini asks her about her plans.

Swara denies from telling the plan and says that she already guessed about the drama that will happen if she returns home. Swara requests her not to take Janki as any supernatural or dangerous. She says that she will seek the help of someone who will help her no matter what situations are. Kavita comes and Swara welcomes her.  

Swaragini 5th February 2016

Urvashi is tensed seeing her while Annapurna asks her to come in. Kavita comes inside. Ragini ask Kavita about her visit. Swara says she called her to bring out Urvashi’s truth. Ragini hopes that what Swara is doing is not wrong. Swara says not to worry.


Sanskar asks about Kavita’s presence. Kavita says why all are so tensed to see her and says Swara called her. Swara announces that she invited Kavita. Kavita says that she heard about Swara doubting her but she must tell her that she has moved on in her life. Sanskar asks Swara why she called her here. Swara says doing so will help her keep under observation and verify Sanskar’s about her involvement.

Swaragini 5th February 2016

Swara says that she wants to trust on Kavita to know the truth. She says she has a plan. Sanskar asks her about the same but she denies asking him to leave it up to her. Sanskar asks her to take care. Uttara makes Annapurna and Shiv Prasad dance on a song. Swara also invites Ragini and Lake.

Ragini rejects the offer and asks Swara why is she doing all this? Swara says that time has to unleash the truth. Kavita wondering about her invitation while Laksh takes Ragini to dance. Swara takes Kavita along with her. Swara asks Kavita to keep Urvashi under her observation. She further tells her that she fears Urvashi wants to stop the marriage. Kavita agrees and says she can trust her.

Swaragini 5th February 2016

Annapurna shows the sarees he has chosen for Swara. Sumi appreciates her choice. Kavita informs Swara via a microphone that she has Urvashi under her observation. Urvashi drags Kavita aside and asks her. Kavita gestures her not to speak and tells her that Swara has made a plan to catch her. She sees Swara coming and ask Urvashi to hide wearing the microphone.

Swara asks Kavita what happened. Kavita says she slipped and her ear piece fell. Swara asks her to be focused. Uttara calls Swara. Swara says that she will be there within two minutes and turns to go to the washroom. Kavita thinks that she should stop her or else her truth will be revealed.

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