Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016 Episode: Rajo is the new villain in story

Tashan-e-Ishq 25th June 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016: In the earlier episodes of  Tashan-e-Ishq we have seen how Twinkle befooled Yuvi to come at Rajo’s place and found Rajo getting married with Kunj accidently. Read what happens in latest Episode of  Tashan-e-Ishq.

Meeting was going on in the Rajo’s room where Kunj throws his anger on Rajo for being irresponsible during the ceremony. He told that it could have grave consequences if someone have seen them together in the Roka Function. Rajo justifies that it was the only option, He added that Rajo should be in her senses as she was the one who introduced him to the family.

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016

He inquires about Raja’s current situation, Rajo said most probably he have ditched her. Twinkle told her to have faith. Meanwhile, Chaudhary comes and told them that they are going to shift Twinkle in a separate room, Kunj and Twinkle felt the pain after separation.

When Twinkle comes in the guest room allocated to her, it was a scray experience as the things were going like a haunted place, Later Kunj comes there and gives a sigh of relief to Twinkle. After they both promises to take Manohar’s business to new heights, Twinkle confessed in front of Kunj that the things which happened in past was a conspiracy by Yuvi.

Kunj releaved that he was already aware about all this and he is disappointed from Twinkle for not telling these things earlier to him. He took phone from her and Raja told that he is trying to come there. Chaudhary angrily looks on her.

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016

Chaudhary accidently wents in Rajo’s room and found her talking with Raja on phone. Although he didn’t know with whom, but he get doubt.

Twinkle hugs Kunj after getting scared of a lizard on the wall. Rajo’s brother enters in the room and spotted them hugging each other. Rajo’s brother, Sangram took and tie both of them with a pillar to burn them alive, Chaudhary comes there and asks Rajo to tell the truth.

Rajo lies once again and claimed that threaded a story that Twinkle and Kunj are brother and sister. They are here because Twinkle had a fight with her husband and came to Kunj’s house. She added that the person on call was Twinkle’s husband. Chaudhary gives them last warning to speak the truth only from next time.

Twinkle angrily looks on Rajo when she was made sister of Kunj. Rajo makes a bad face and begs her not to reveal the truth. Chaudhary told her to do the tikka of the man tomorrow.

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016

During Sangeet preparations, Kunj and Twinkle met each other. Twinkle throws her anger on Kunj and told him to not to take the things lightly as there are chances that she will become her husband’s sister tonight. Kunj tried to make her relax aand told her to stay calm.

Kunj dances with Rajo in the sangeet function and Twinkle get sad after seeing him dancing with another lady. He spotted Twinkle sparing time sadly in corner but can’t go because Chaudhary is here.

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