The Flash: Season 2 Episode 12 Review – Fast Lane

The Flash: Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Sometimes, for the story to keep moving with some pace so that the stage can be set for the upcoming events, TV directors add filler episodes to the series. This week’s Flash episode was one such episode. Titled “Fast Lane” and directed by Rachel Talalay, the episode didn’t feel as focused as it could have been. Three interconnected plots spanned this week’s installment of The Flash. (see: The Flash S2E13.)

The first plot revolves around Tar Pit, a low-level criminal who was thrown into a vat of tar by his pals just as the particle accelerator exploded. This rendered him trapped inside the vat for two years in a tar pit meta-human state. He has the ability to turn into molten asphalt at will, which he uses to avenge his “death”. He starts by killing one of the henchmen who was involved in his murder. This brings him into Barry Allen’s notice.

The Flash: Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Second, we have Wally West and his obsession with speed. He confesses to Iris and Joe that he’s always been in love with speed and wanted to be an astronaut for the same reason. Iris is trying to talk sense into both her father and brother to stop Wally from indulging into his dangerous hobby/addiction of drag-racing. Turns out, the guy organizing the races is one of Tar Pit’s old pals, whom Tar Pit tries to kill in the episode later.

Finally, we have Dr. Wells and Barry working together to find a way to stop Zoom. Dr. Wells warns Barry that he would save his own daughter without any second thought and is ready to even betray Barry in order to save her.

The Flash: Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Tar Pit is this week’s meta-human, put in the story as a sideshow, which, often is the case. Flash stops him once when he tries to attack his killer. Meanwhile, Dr. Wells is siphoning off Barry’s speed to Zoom, who threatens to kill Well’s daughter if he doesn’t bring more of Barry’s speed force. He steals 2% of Barry’s speed which slows him down enough to not being able to save Iris from getting hurt when Tar Pit attacks the race organizer.

This incident compels Wally to give up drag racing (not his obsession with speed, though) and he decides to stay with his family. Wells is overcome with guilt and confesses to stealing Barry’s speed, as a result of which team Flash locks him down in one of the cells. We saw his righteous side; he was willing to sacrifice his daughter in order to do the right thing.

Barry sees through all this and points out that each one from Team Flash would’ve done anything for family. They take Wells back in the team and decide to head to Earth-2 to save Wells’s daughter. This should be good….

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens next.

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