The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 Review

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 Review: Apparently, it can never be possible that each and every one in Team Flash gets to be happy all at the same time. Even if it happens, then it remains that way for a very short time span. In the last episode, we saw Zoom killing Jay Garrick through the breach and pulling him in through it. (see: GOA collection.)

The episode picks up from the same point. Caitlin is in shock after losing the love of her life, again. Cisco tries to console her. Wells tells Jesse and Joe that no breach can be opened again as the process of shutting the breaches closed was permanent.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 Review

Barry is pissed, and he considers the death of Jay Garrick to be his fault. Later, Wells warns Barry and Cisco to not discuss the events of Earth-2 with anyone. He tells them this is for everyone’s good. Both of them have difficulties in doing so as both are reminded of those incidents every time they see their friends and families.

Also, Wally’s and Barry’s vibes don’t match. Wally is suffering from the same problem that every Indian child with an elder sibling does- the perfect sibling. He thinks Barry’s perfection overshadows his better qualities and that gives him an inferiority complex.

Meanwhile, King Shark is back. It is revealed that he didn’t die when Wells shot him and that ARGUS had imprisoned him to use his abilities for warfare. He escapes from the prison and is out to kill the Flash. He hasn’t forgotten the mission that Zoom entrusted him with and is hell bent on getting over with it. Enter John and Lyla. They have come to Central City to warn Barry of the danger that he is about to be in.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 Review

King Shark damages West’s residence while trying to hunt the Flash while Barry was trying to make things work with Wally. The threat is temporarily neutralized, but Wally thinks that Barry is a coward because he was absent from the scene. Barry ultimately gives in and tells Iris and Joe about the events of Earth-2. So does Cisco. He tells Caitlin about his encounter with her doppelganger.

Rest of the story is about team Flash and ARGUS working together to capture King Shark. We get one of the most awaited cliffhangers when Zoom unmasks himself and we learn that the face of Zoom is none other than that of Jay Garrick. We’ll have to wait until the next week to know more.

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