The Flash Season 2 Premiere (Episode 1): Watch Online Barry faces Atom Smasher; Cisco gets Powers; Is Robbie Amell still as Firestorm?

The Flash Season 2 Premiere episode 1: Another good news for the fans of The Flash TV series as they will get to watch their favorite speedster running once again soon. Its premirere is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 6th October. The episode 1 is titled as “The Man Who Saved Central City”. He is being celebrated unlike Arrow.

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However, Barry will be seen struggling to forgive himself for the death of Eddie and trying to save the entire city by himself.

The Flash Season 2

In the latest released promo of the episode 2, the Mayor of Central City is seen handing out the key to the city to Barry, but as he step forward to receive it, another metahuman comes to ruin the flash day.

The biggest baddie of the new “Flash” villians is the Atom Samsher. However, he will not appear for the majority of the time. His appearance will be limited to this episode only.

Meanwhile, the fate of Robbie Amell is still surrounded by the speculations because as of now, it still remains a mystery, as seen in the clip from episode 1 that among the close people to Barry only the half of Firestorm is present – Dr. Martin Stein. Moreover, Amell has not been credited officially as the main cast member in the upcoming TV series “Legends of Tomorrow”, but Stein is there.

Well, let’s make it clear to the fans that there is nothing to worry about as Amell will be appearing in the premier of season 2. He is seen getting comfortable with his super-powers. In a teaser of episode 1, he was seen assisting in busting captain Cold and Heat Wave. In the meatime, they both will play the role of protagonist in the Legends of Tomrrow.

You can watch the The Flash season 2 premiere as well as the episdoe 1 at 8 pm ET on 6th October, Tuesday on CWTV. Morevoer, if you want, you can live stream it on the same.

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