Balika Vadhu: Disa founds a new place to hide with Nimboli and Anandi remains helpless

Balika Vadhu 6th Oct Episode: In this episode of Balika Vadhu many instances happen which will change the direction of the investigation, Disa founds a new place to hide with Nimboli and Anandi remains helpless.

Recap: Balika Vadhu 5th Oct Episode.
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Balika Vadhu 6th Oct Episode

Balika Vadhu 7th Oct Episode

Balika Vadhu Tuesday Episode: Jagya took Anandi with him in the car to tell her the new plan to catch Disa. And he says to work on that plan they have to go home. But Anandi is not ready to go home without her daughter. Disa met her childhood friend Geeta in the temple when she accidentally collides with a lady going towards the opposite direction. Disa hugs her. Nimboli has asked fruits as more prasad from pandit ji, a demand which was denied. Disa was looking completely shocked and helpless. Meanwhile, Nimboli started crying that she is missing everyone and she is hungry too. Geeta offers them shelter to stay for few days, Nimboli asks whether they have mattress and food in their house, Geeta smiles and told her to come. Nimboli forces Geeta to agree as she is too much hungry and hasn’t slept well from very long. Both took the jeep of Geeta and meanwhile Jagya and Anandi enter in the same temple to pray the god. Pandit ji says that the god listens to everyone from this temple.

Harki comes to the police station to give the lunchbox to Akhiraj, Akhiraj asked her whether she have kidnapped Disa and Nimboli and locked them in godown or not. Harki tells her to have the food first. Akhiraj got tensed and asks whether she has met his friends or not, Harki denied. Harki told him that constable has listened our talks and inspector is now investigating us on every moment. Harki has told the inspector that Nimboli and Disa are currently in the Sarora village which is the Native village of Disa. Inspector threatens her that Akhiraj will have to borne the consequences if she told anyone about this. Akhiraj slams her for her foolishness to tell the location of Nimboli and grabbing the last hope of Akhiraj to get free. Akhiraj tried to kill Harki, but Police staff saved her.

Balika Vadhu After Interval

When Harki was moving towards her home, Inspector comes and asks her to sit in the jeep with her pot of water. Inspector asked whether she was the one who have alerted Disa about the Police raid going to be done in the Sarora Village, Harki denied. A woman constable scolds her and asked her about who have told her, Harki got frightened and told the inspector to inquire Kamli about this all she might have listened to our conversation. Inspector goes to Kamli and asks whether she was warned Disa about the presence of police in the Sarora village, Kamli denied telling that she doesn’t even have the contact number of Disa how can she warn her about this all. Harki comes and starts defending Kamli, Inspector says someone have informed Disa about our presence and she/he will be punished for it. Kamli denied again and then Harki forced her to tell the truth to the inspector, but Kamli said that Disa have called her, but she has not picked up the call. Harki blames her for informing Disa about this all. They starts fighting in themselves and Police was completely stunned, meanwhile Nandini and Disa reached the home of Geeta and having some leisure time there.

Verdict: This episode of Balika Vadhu was indeed interesting, but the audience is demanding some new phases for the show and producer and director have to understand this. However from the last episode of Balika Vadhu, this episode was much interesting

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