Facebook introduces Black Verified Badge for Business and Organisational Pages


Facebook has launched Black Verified Badge for Business and Organisational badges over the internet. According to the sources these new verified badges of facebook will give the surety to the user that he is dealing with the correct page for a particular transaction. Earlier this badge was only accessible to well known brands and celebrities.

Facebook Black verified Badge

According to facebook, if any page is carrying a Facebook Black Verified badge, then ‘Facebook has confirmed that the particular page is an authentic page for any business and organisation’ the black badge service has been operational on most of the business pages who have a valuable name in the society.

So far we have seen, a page named Naruto G is carrying a black verified badge on facebook. However there are still many organisations which have the verified badge but are not included in the Black Badge group.


Facebook Blue Verified Badge

Facebook blue badge was an old concept the Blue verified badges was introduced to identify the correct person over the millions of pages, Facebook blue badges are generally issued to the people with some importance, celebrities and other popular brands.

These new black badges will help to distinguish between the brand page of a brand and the business page of the same brand. This will help in reduction of the online frauds, many experts believe.

For the same account of Naruto, there are two different pages available one is the page which is dedicated to the brand and the other one is dedicated for sale of merchandise.

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