Trying Season 3: Apple TV Updates, Renewal, Release date and everything else

Trying Season 3
Trying Season 3

Apple TV+ has officially renewed Trying for a season 3, which is set to premiere on 22nd July later this year. The plot revolves around a young couple who desperately want to start their family by having a baby but cannot do so because of their infertility issues.

Hence, they decide to adopt. However, they have a dysfunctional extended family, a chaotic group of friends, and a tumultuous life. This might convince the adoption agencies that they are not ready to adopt a baby.

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The series developed by Andy Wolton stars Esther Smith And Rafe Spall in the roles of Nikki and Jason. The British drama gained unprecedented success due to its very realistic portrayal of infertility issues and adoption challenges in today’s time.

The series comprises a beautiful star cast and fascinating subplots that will keep its viewers hooked on the screen. Not only this, but the series received a very compelling and optimistic set of reviews from both the audience and the critics; hence, the show’s renewal was not all surprising.

Trying Season 3 Theories

Trying Season 3 Confirmed on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ has officially announced that they will be renewing Trying for a third season. Their official Twitter page shared the announcement, and fans could not be happier.

Additionally, BBC studios shared the official confirmation on their Twitter handle, quoting, “Nikki and Jason are back and in at the deep end! #Trying Season 3 with @esthervonsmith and Rafe Spall premieres 22nd July on @AppleTVPlus, produced by BBC Studios Comedy Productions.”

Trying Season 3 Release Date on Apple TV+?

Trying Season 3 is all set to return to your screens from 22nd July 2022. The series, created by Andy Wolton, and produced by BBC Studios Comedy Production, will be distributed on Apple TV+ for its official streaming.

What to expect from Trying Season 3 plot?

An official press release by Apple TV+ confirmed that after the dramatic Season 2, Season 3 of Trying will kickstart with the young couple as parents to two children whom they are warming up to.

Parenting comes with many challenges, and the same happens with Nikki and Jason as they are suddenly thrown off with all the parental duties and ways to keep a hold of their children. Their relationship with each other and their family and friends is comprehensively tested while navigating parenthood’s ins and outs while trying their best to be sane.

Trying Season 3 Episodes Watch Online

The exact number of episodes is yet to come out; however, since every show follows a stable and consistent range of episodes and timings for future seasons, one can predict that Season 3 will also consist of around 8 episodes with a screen time of around 26 to 30 minutes.

You would be able to watch online the episodes of Trying Season 3 after its release on Apple TV+.

Trying Season 3 Confirmed Cast

The fans would love to know that a maximum of the existing cast members will star in the show alongside some new additions. This will be officially confirmed in the coming weeks. The original cast members are:

  • Esther Smith as Nikki Newman
  • Rafe Spall as Jason Ross
  • Imelda Staunton as Penny
  • Ophelia Lovibond as Erica
  • Oliver Chris as Freddy
  • Sian Brooke as Karen
  • Darren Boyd as Scott
  • Robyn Cara as Jennifer/Jen
  • Phil Davis as Vic
  • Paula Wilcox as Sandra
  • Mariam McLoughlin as Jilly
  • Roderick Smith as John
  • Diana Pozharskaya as Sofia
  • Cush Jumbo as Jane
  • Navin Choudhary as Deven

Stay tuned with us to get all the official updates on cast members and the trailer for Trying Season 3!

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