Tum Bin and Force 2 Box Office Collection Report for First Week: Sonakshi Sinha Magic at BO

Force 2 1st Week Box Office Collection Earnings report
Force 2 1st Week Box Office Collection Earnings report

Tum Bin 2 and Force 2 Box Office Collection Report for First Week: Here we are covering the BoxOffice report for this week. Check out the earnings and collection of Bollywood movies.

Tum Bin 2 1st Week Collection: TumBin 2 got the disastrous opening in the BO with an average number of viewers from the very start. The movie released last Friday on the box office with average hopes. There was enough certainty that it’s not going to mint out big money. Since the movie doesn’t have any blockbuster superstar, the remaining concerns also proved irrelevant.

Tum Bin 2 and Force 2 Box Office Collection

A film should have a good story or a face to sell at the box office. Tum Bin 2 had neither of them. As a bonus hit, it got demoted because of a ban of 500 and 1000 rs bank notes. There was some certainty that it’s going to cross the BO earnings of the first part of TumBin, but that also won’t happened. To mint out the production costs, there is only one door open which is TV broadcasting rights but with limited hopes.

Tum Bin 2 Collection, Tum Bin 2 Box Office Earnings Report

It won’t be wrong to say that the last month was the ‘Sequel’ month. There were three films released during the intermediate time, and all proved to be a big flop at the box office. Tum Bin2 occupancy charts never touched the mark of 10% in almost every theater, and single screens didn’t even hit the film.

The first part of TB had collected 28 crores total as BO business. TB2 collections till date goes to 4.10 crore rupees. The movie is closing down in almost every cinema around the country, and nothing better could be expected. Film earned one crore on Sunday which was the highest in the lifetime.

Tum Bin 2 Collection [1st Week: 4 Crores]

Tum Bin 2 Collection Verdict: Flop 

Tum Bin 2 and Force 2 Box Office Collection

Force 2 1st Week Collections: Force 2 performed very much up to the expectations considering it was a little week. The Force 2 collection can’t go over the figures which were earlier predicted by us. The movie had earned a plenty of positive reviews from the film critics which had helped it a lot.

Tum Bin 2 and Force 2 Box Office Collection

Force 2 collected 6.05 cr on day one BO earnings which were the first phase. The opening was expected to be better than this, but it’s also good considering the demonetization hit keeps on going. The movie had further collected 6.50 cr on Saturday and 7.50 cr on Sunday. After earning over 20.05 cr net within the weekend, the film added 2.80 cr nett on Monday, 2.70 cr nett on Tuesday, 2.40 cr nett on Wednesday and 2.20 cr nett on Thursday.

The good part of the entire story remains with Force 2 collections; The movie got a big platform to perform as there was no another release of any big superstar. Multiplexes around the country keep on submitting shows of Force 2 which had helped the movie’s earnings a lot.

Film had earned 30 crores till now, and it will go bumper on the TV broadcasting rights sell. John and Sonakshi had an essence over the Indian audience which keeps them connected. Overall a good weekend for the movie. Force 2 collection for a lifetime is expected to reach the level of 40 crores as lifetime earnings. Overall we can say that Sonakshi Sinha Magic continues at BO which had resulted in such significant figures.

Force 2 Collection Verdict: Average

Force 2 Collection [1st Week: 30.15 Crores]

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