Udaan 11th October 2016: Chakor starts snooping for the contract Ragini got signed

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Udaan 11th October 2016 Full episode: Imli fumed seeing Vivan clapping for Chakor’s dance performance. She cried and went to stage and danced with Chakor. Vivian thought why Imli went back to stage again. Suraj smirked and said that it was going to be fun watching them. Imli’s ghungroo’ beads broke and Chakor got hurt by stepping on them. Suraj ran to hold Chakor. Everyone was shocked.

Udaan 11th October 2016 Tuesday episode

Chakori said she was fine when kasturi asked her. Imli felt guilty as she thought how she could think bad of Chakor when she thought good for everyone else. She said sorry to her but Chakor said that it was not her mistake. Chakor thanked Suraj for saving her. He said that he just saved her so that she might not break her hand else how she would sign on the divorce papers. Imli asked him to see Chakor’s condition and said that she would not sign any papers. She threw the paper and left.

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Vivan said to Imli that she danced well. Chakor too praised her and said that she would win. Imli cried thinking that they both loved her and she was thinking of doing bad to Chakor. She hugged Chakor and cried. Vivan went from there. Imli went to see where Vivan was.

Udaan 11th October 2016 Tuesday episode

Ranjana brought bhaiya ji to Ragini. She welcomed him and said that he had a gift for him. She said that she had the inspector who slapped him. He smirked and said that he liked the gift. He said to inspector that he had told him that his slap would cost him a lot. He killed the inspector.

He said that he could not wait to start his new life. Ragini said that coming morning would be destruction of Suraj and Vivan and Imli and Chakor.

Imli looked for Vivan and smiled when she saw him coming from outside. She hugged him. He gave her a bouquet and said that he loved her a lot. She smiled. He lifted her to their room.

Udaan 11th October 2016 Tuesday episode
Udaan 11th October 2016 Tuesday episode

Suraj asked Chakor to sign on the divorce papers. She signed. She asked him to submit them to court so that they could legally be separated. He said that day would be the happy day for him. He then went from there.

Chakor asked Chagan as what Ragini wrote on the contract. He said that he did not know. She thought that she might have written something else but he asked her not to worry. She thought that she needs to know about the contract. Chakor and Suraj fell in argument again when he came to take her when lawyer asked him to take Chakor to court for final hearing on divorce. She said that she hated him and she had not seen a worse man than him in her life.


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