Donald Trump quoted CNN as ‘Clinton News Network’

clinton news network
clinton news network

After putting allegations on reporters conducting the presidential debate, Donald Trump had now named channel CNN as ‘Clinton News Network’. He earlier claimed that the second part of debate was biased as he was interrupted for 3 times while Clinton was interrupted only for a once. Both the debates were won by Trump according to online polls around the world, his choice of words had helped him a lot.

During the second presidential debate he used the words ‘You would be in the jail’ which makes Clinton drop off her mic while speaking and public goes with Donald in one go. While Clinton keeps on arguing on allegations on her competent for doing tax evasion and insulting women, Trump keeps his card against the female republican candidate trying to convince the audience that she could destroy the country’s fate.

Its not the first time he had quoted the channel with this name, earlier in June he wrote “The Clinton News Network, sometimes referred to as @CNN, is getting more and more biased. They act so indignant-hear them behind closed doors.”

clinton news network

He received variety of responses from his fans

Dear Mr. Trump, Concerning tonight, They are going to throw everything at you including the kitchen sink over this meaningless comment you made a hundred years ago. I want you to remain composed and calm above all things. When the topic arises look straight in the cameras a tell us this question has nothing to do with America and the American people. We need to discuss this evening the important issues that going to turn American around and make a better world for us all …we won’t be able to do that if we are going to get sidetracked on the garbage truck. Then point your finger straight at the other lectern and say: if we’re going to talk about dirt then there is avalanche full of it here in the building tonight! What part of it do we want to talk about first! Just let the American people decide what is important …I promise you sir, we will – Lulu McFu

It think is is time America stops and thinks about how the words and actions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will or have affected our lives…. I could care less what Donald Trump said 11 years ago about woman, it has no affect on my life or my future. Get back to the issues that affect all of the American people, healthcare, security of our country, jobs, illegal immigrants taxes….listen to those words from each candidate and make an informed decision not an emotional one. Grow up America this is serious! – Gail Gudmestad

The new generation that brought us grown men using bathrooms for women, allowing little underage girls to go into a store and buy abortion pills without their parents knowledge or consent, now tell us they are outraged by lewd comments Donald Trump made 11 years ago. – Dolan Renkel

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