Udaan 29th September 2016: Chakor Asked Imli To Promise Her To Not To Tell Vivan That She Still Loves Him

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 29th September 2016: Tejaswini and Ranjana argued that Suraj re united Vivan and Imli when Imli rejected his love. Chakor asked Bijli to do preparations for rituals as they were performed for happiness. She asked her to do preparations as they would welcome Vivan and Imli happily. She got the aarti plate ready and looked for Suraj. She wondered where he went. (check: Udaan Last episode.)

Ranjana warned jailer to get back the orders against orders from highest authorities, but he said that he could not do anything as he had passed orders. But they showed him his wife being caught by goons. He got worried and decided to cancel the orders. He called someone. He then asked her to leave his wife.

Udaan 29th September 2016

Vivan and Imli came home. Bijli said to Chakor that Vivan and Imli were outside. Chakor asked her not to say anything and stated that they would surprise them. Imli saw the doors shut and said to Vivan that they would not love to see her as his wife.

He asked her not to worry as he was with her and they would accept her. He held her hand and went in. He pushed the door and was surprised to see Chakor with aarti plate when he opened the door. Vivan and Imli saw the haveli decorations and were surprised and happy.

Vivan asked her as what was all that. Chakor told him that it was for Imli as she became his wife that day in a real sense. He smiled and said to Imli that he knew his family would welcome her by heart. Chakor looked for Suraj but did not see him there and thought to do the aarti alone but just then Suraj came there.

Udaan 29th September 2016

They both did the aarti together. Vivan and Imli smiled. Chakor then asked Imli to kick the rice bowl and do other rituals as well for ghar parvesh. Imli did all the rituals. Ranjana taunted Vivan that he should have let her know. Vivan said sorry to her. She then blessed both of them.

Vivan sought blessing from Suraj as well and thanked him. Suraj said that he did not need any thanks and did what was right. Chakor asked Vivan to take Imli to his room. Vivan then took Imli to his room in his arms. He was shocked to see the room decorations.

He said to Imli that Chakor was a magical girl. She said to him that Chakor still loved him, but he stated that she was mistaken and Chakor did not love him anymore. Chakor came there and asked both of them to get ready as it was their special night. She took Imli to get her ready as a bride.

Imil thanked her for all she did. Chakor said that it had to happen as they both loved each other. Chakor asked Imli to promise her that she would not tell Vivan ever that she still loved him. Imli promised her.

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