Watch Game Of Thrones Season 8 Online: How to GoT S8 Live Stream Info in India [Hotstar]

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Speculations already being made for Game Of Thrones Season 8 and Indian fans must be wondering about the best way to watch the series online. Hotstar is running posters across the nation quoting it better than the ‘Torrents’. It’s the first time, streaming giant could be seen openly comparing itself in the ads with torrents.  Let’s find out what experience Hotstar promises to deliver on streaming ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Online Live Streaming

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watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Live Streaming


: There is 1-hour delay in comparison to the official live stream. It appears HBO is quite strict after the season’s leak on the torrents before the official release. Earlier many sources were speculating for a 2-minute delay as Hotstar claimed ‘Minutes after the US’ but it turns out to an hour. This is a major downfall.

60 minutes are quiet enough for stories started doing rounds on the social media. This may destroy all the fun you expect while watching it after paying up a premium price.

Free Trial: Hotstar Premium offers a free trial of 30 days to all the customers. All you need is to signup and make a token payment which will be reversed through your credit or debit card. If someone opts for PayTm or wallet options, he would be getting 2 months for 199 rs.

In the case of payment through PayTm 199 rs will be refunded in case you wish to drop off the account before the 1st month.

The free trial may be available for limited period only.

Screens: Another major drawback of Hotstar premium is that it could be watched on only one screen. One will need to wait for another minute while switching to the another screen. Ex: If you’re watching it on the laptop and to tune into mobile, have to wait for 1 minute extra after closing the session on the laptop.

Captions: Earlier the company didn’t provide captions in many episodes of ‘Game Of Thrones’. But now all the old and the news gods (episodes) have the captions. Even the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 1 which was uploaded just 60 mins past, got perfect captions. They could be handy for a big audience in India.

Other countries: You may not able to stream the services even while having the premium subscription if trying to watch outside India. Hotstar got streaming rights only for India and not available anywhere else in the world.

Value for Money?

If you’re not a fanboy of Torrent services and want legitimate experience, definitely Hotstar premium is probably the best option in the India to watch ‘Game Of Thrones’. One can even cast the screen on a bigger one using any cast device.

Overall Hotstar comes up with a great deal but a disastrous disadvantage of 1-hour wait.

We hope that the guide of watching GOT on Hotstar would be helpful to you. You can shoot your questions in the comment section.

Hotstar seems to be the only legal way of watching game of thrones online in India via live stream. Though GoT is also available on other streaming sites but they are not legal and we don’t sponsor or recommend them.

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