Wazir 18th Day (18 Days) Collection: 3rd Week/Monday Box Office Report

Wazir 18th Day Collection 18 Days Wazir 3rd Week/Monday Box Office
Wazir 18th Day Collection 18 Days Wazir 3rd Week/Monday Box Office

Wazir 18th Day Collection 18 Days Wazir 3rd Week/Monday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: The film which came out with no expectations is beginning to show the signs of bad boxoffice records by the 3rd week. The Director, Beejoy Nambiar’s poor box office record is still continuing. The movie is about to collapse and here in this article, we have depicted a table where you can see Wazir Total BoxOffice Collections and earning report. (see: royal rumble 2016 results.)

Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan in the lead roles, the film didn’t attract masses. Though the first look came long ago, even the trailer couldn’t drag the audience to the theaters. The film has showed poor occupancy from day 1 onwards.

Wazir 18th Day Collection

18 Days Wazir 3rd Week/Monday Box Office

Coming to the movie’s plot, it’s quite exciting but it loses its path at the end. It has revenge plot but due to a sloppy script, the film couldn’t just get on board. In the first half, the movie revolves around Farhan and his family. How he loses his child and what happens next? Why Amitabh Bachchan comes to Farhan? These all will be revealed in the second half. The film goes at a slow pace and would have been much better.

On day 1, Wazir has bagged about 5.57 Cr but it was very low to what the makers expected. On day 2, there was a rise and it ended at 7.16 crore. On Sunday, it was a shocker to the film’s team as they thought, the reviews and all would do the trick and with the film would cross 10 Cr mark, but it was only at 8.24 Crores. And on the 4th day, there was a steep fall in the boxoffice collections and the talkie could only make 2.25 crore.

Wazir 18th Day Collection 18 Days Wazir 3rd Week/Monday Box Office

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were not too different and it could only make 30.05 Crores by the end of the first week. The second-week collections were terrible and made around 9. 34 Crores. And on 3rd Friday and Saturday, Wazir bagged about 0.23 Cr and 0.27 Crore respectively.

The occupancy of the film on day 1 was 15% and on day 2 it was 33% and on the following days, it went down. Moreover, the film was not released in any small theaters, it was only played in many multiplexes in all the cities. Even that lead to poor collections at boxoffice.

18 Days Wazir 3rd Week/Monday Box Office


Wazir Box Office Collection Report
  1st Week
Friday 05.57 cr
 Saturday 07.16 crore
 Sunday 08.24 cr
 Monday 02.55 crores
 Tuesday 02.28 cr
 Wednesday 01.88 crore
 Thursday 02.33 cr
  1st Week Total Collection 30.05 crores
  2nd Week
  Friday 01.69 cr
  Saturday 02.14 crore
  Sunday 02.45 cr
  Monday 00.92 crores
  Tuesday 00.78 cr
  Wednesday 00.70 crore
  Thursday 00.65 cr
  2nd Week Total Collection 09.34 crores
  3rd Week
  Friday 00.23 cr
  Saturday 00.27 crores
  Total Domestic Collection 39.89 cr
  Total Overseas Collection 19.10 crore
  Total Worldwide Collection 58.99 cr

Wazir 18th Day Collection

Wazir 18 Days Box Office Collections

Wazir 18th Day Collection 18 Days Wazir 3rd Week/Monday Box Office

Its Total Domestic Collections were around 39.89 Crores and Total Overseas Collections ended at 19.10 Crores and the Total World Wide Collections of Wazir is about 58.99 Crore. no proper promotion and no proper script telling made the film fall at the boxoffice.

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