Master P daughter Tytyana Miller dead: Cause of Death Drugs or Mental Illness

What Killed Tytyana Miller
What Killed Tytyana Miller

Tytyana Miller daughter of Master P was a newcomer actress in Hollywood, she died at the age of 29. Let’s find out how did she die, what happened with Tytyana, and what was Tytyana Miller’s Cause of Death.

Percy Robert Miller, a musician, and actor, is the father of Joelle and Tytyana. She appeared reality show with her father – Master P, where she discussed her health problems with the host. Popularly known as “Romeo,”- Romeo Miller is the elder brother of Tytyana and he is an American rapper and television personality.

What Killed Tytyana Miller? What happened?

Master P broke the news of his daughter’s death today on social media. He has addressed the terrible position that Master and his family are in right now. He also recently lost his beloved daughter Tatyana, and he asks that fans and loved ones to show them compassion.

The Master’s family also wants to be kept up to date on the situation so that they may grieve for their loss. He is thankful for all of his followers’ and loved ones’ support, love, and prayers. He promised to address all the questions relating to his daughter’s demise soon.

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How did Tytyana Miller die?

Her first name, however, was Tytana. He used to call his daughter Tata, which was a lovely name. Master P’s daughter died because of mental health and substance abuse issues, according to a report from our sources.

Master P, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller Sr hasn’t mentioned the drug that his daughter abused, though.


Tytana’s rapper brother, Romeo, has also written about his sister’s death. He has said that he is grateful for the opportunity to express his feelings for his sister. In contrast, Romeo is overjoyed to have her memories preserved for all time. He claimed that she was at rest in heaven and was thriving.

Tytyana Miller Cause of Death

The Master has said that Miller’s daughter died due to substance abuse, particularly drug use. Tata’s parents’ divorce was the beginning of her addiction problems. It was the initial cause of her taking drugs, she said once in an interview while asked about her mental issues.

She was able to quit using drugs with the help of her family and brother. She shared her drug addiction on the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop. Despite her attempts to stay clean, she died from a mental illness and substance abuse.

When he was 29 years old, she died. Tatyana Miller was born on June 15, 1992. She also passed away today, May 30, 2022. Her father Master P revealed the devastating news on social media in a sad post. The artist’s parents were Master P and Soya C, and she recently started having mental issues owing to parents’ divorce.

She grew up with her seven brothers and sisters, Veno Miller, Young V, Itali Miller, Inty Miller, Cymphonique Miller, Percy Miller, and Romeo Miller in a loving and caring environment. After parents’ divorce, all of her life was shifted.

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